why does tetanus shot make arm sore

Why has the tetanus vaccine hurt me so much? I went to urgent care following a tetanus vaccination with burning and tingling sensations all over my body. My heart rate was elevated. I had diarrhea and could not breathe. I told them I was having a reaction to the vaccination. They told me that vaccine reactions do not exist, but if they do, take some benadryl and to go away. I tried this and then scheduled a doctor's appointment. The problems persisted and continued for a long time with my family doctor telling me that vaccine reactions do not exist. I could not get any help. The doctor tried medications and these only made things worse. In fact, one of them caused me to lose my gallbladder due to my doctor not doing the blood tests he was supposed to do for monitoring of the liver enzymes. I also developed demyelination of the brachial plexus/brachial neuritis. My right arm hurts and my right eye hurts. And, I hurt everywhere. This has persisted for many years. Then, I had gallbladder surgery and everything came back two times worse than the time before. I have tried several medications and they only cause more problems. Now, a little more history: When I was younger after receiving the vaccination, I developed several infections: pneumonia, pneumonia, bronchitis, bronchitis, right testicle, right testicle. I also developed muscle wasting, lost all my strength, developed rage and anger problems, asthma, a constant smile due to muscle spasms in my jaw. This persisted for two years and then suddenly stopped after receiving B12 injections every week for many months. The B12 injections may not have helped, but rather after a period of roughly two years, everything stopped. After a surgery in my senior year of high school, I shook the entire year. Then, I received another tetanus shot that summer and had to drop out of college for a semester due to feeling drunk, not being able to think, and due to severe panic attacks. After about four months, everything stopped. Then, in my sophomore year of college, I received another tetanus shot and then developed a severe muscle spasm in my right leg which completely tore out my right medial meniscus and tore my ACL and PCL ligaments in my knee.

I was an all A student. After that, my grades fell to all E's. I could not think clearly, I had no idea what was going on, I was in severe pain, I developed severe behavioral and mental problems. Because of my change in personality, a person who very dear to me no longer felt the same way about me. I don't blame them. I was completely out of my freaking mind because of this poison. Once again, after a period of about two years, everything stopped. Then, after some other surgeries, everything surfaced again. I normally don't sick that often. Really, the only time I get sick is for a period of about two years following either a flu or tetanus vaccine. After getting the flu vaccine, I developed what felt like a six-month long flu. I also developed what my doctor called Fibromyalgia because I hurt everywhere. Which, for many, not all, is direct consequence of these vaccinations. These vaccinations contain metals like mercury and aluminum which are known for causing severe immunological harm in some individuals. I now have severe pain in my neck and right shoulder as a result of the vaccinations. It is likely that something could have been done had my doctor's listened to me about the problems I have had with vaccinations. Instead, they want me to believe that vaccinations help all. Well, all is mighty powerful word. When the true fact is that they may help most, but for some they cause great harm. Now, the doctors want to try and dodge the harm they caused me by trying to direct the consequence to possibly something else. Well, the fact of the matter is that I spoke with a few different nurses who are either more knowledgeable, or at least more truth bearing than the doctors. Upon receiving the last tetanus vaccination, they said I developed what is known as anaphylactic shock and that I am lucky I didn't die.

Now, I have to be careful about foods I eat, what deodorants I wear (rashes), have to take minocycline to relieve the allergic inflammation caused by the vaccination. I am tired of my doctor's telling me lies and I am tired of them trying to cover their own butts for not providing help. Again, the only time I get sick is for a period of about two years following these vaccinations. Enough is enough. Stop giving me things which have caused me such great harm and continue to do so. I don't want to be in pain anymore and that might no longer be an option now. Also, I don't ever want to receive the vaccination again. In addition, I have now read several papers that indicate that in some people with severely inflated EBV antibodies that vaccinations are known for also inducing severe reactions in people. Well, I have both. In addition, shortly after I received a vaccination, my wife became pregnant. She had a miscarriage. Shortly thereafter, she became pregnant again. Our daughter was born with a birth defect that currently has occurred in roughly 200 out 6,883,258,326 people in the world. There are way too many reactions that I have had and the statistical likelihood that is not these vaccinations occurring in direct proximity of all events, is obvious. They have caused me harm beyond what many can comprehend.
in-article-nav. dsn { display: none; } Often called lockjaw, is a that causes painful and can lead to death. The has made tetanus a preventable disease. Thanks to its widespread use, lockjaw has become very rare in the U. S. Even so, many adults in the U. S. need to be vaccinated against tetanus because there is no cure and 10% to 20% of victims will die. You cannot get tetanus from another person. You can get it through a cut or other wound. Tetanus bacteria are commonly present in soil, dust, and manure. The tetanus bacteria can infect a person even through a tiny scratch. But you are more likely to get tetanus through deep punctures from wounds created by nails or knives.

The bacteria travel via or nerves to the central. What are the symptoms of tetanus? Tetanus symptoms result from a toxin produced by tetanus bacteria. Symptoms often begin around a week after infection. But this may range from three days to three weeks or even longer. The most common symptom is a stiff jaw, which can become "locked. " This is how the disease came to be called lockjaw. Muscle stiffness, starting in the jaw, then the neck and the arms, legs, or Palpitations and Muscle spasms in the face, causing a strange-looking steady smile or grin If not treated, tetanus can cause death from suffocation. How and when should you receive the tetanus vaccine? You normally receive tetanus shots in the deltoid ( ) muscle. If you did not receive a tetanus vaccine as a child, you should start with a three-dose primary series with the first dose being a three-in-one combination called Tdap that protects against tetanus, diphtheria ( ) and ( ). The other two doses are a dual (Td) cover tetanus and diphtheria. You receive these over a period of seven to 12 months. Vaccination against pertussis is especially important for those in direct contact with young infants or patients. After receiving the primary series, get a Td booster every 10 years. Tetanus toxoid is combined with diphtheria toxoid in tetanus and diphtheria toxoids adsorbed(Td). Although tetanus is rare, it has a high mortality rate. Since 1/3 of cases result from only minor injuries, universal vaccination remains necessary. Adults who missed the primary series of three tetanus injections in childhood should receive an initial dose, followed by a 2nd dose 1 mo later, and a 3rd dose 6 mo later. Thereafter, a booster of q 10 yr maintains lifelong immunity (all doses 0. 5 mL IM). Alternatively, some authorities recommend a single booster at age 50 because of excellent long-term protection from the primary immunization. A toxoid is a modified bacterial toxin that has been rendered nontoxic but retains the ability to stimulate the formation of antibodies. however, the same manual states that an immunoglobulin is available for tetanus.

This is made of specific human antibodies. The manual does not seem to state if this is the commonly used booster (I wouldnt think so. The antibodies will die at some point, and this injection would not retrain the body to produce antibodies. The first listed injection would). This form of injection would be useful in the acute case of tetanus that the patients own immune response is not being completely successful. As I read further on. The initial series of three primary doses of DTwP or DTaP is followed by a booster at age 15 to 20 mo and another at 4 to 6 yr. Subsequent routine tetanus boosters (indicated for all children and adults) every 10 yr should maintain protection; use of adult-type tetanus and diphtheria toxoids,adsorbed (Td), is preferred for these boosters, and studies are underway to assess the use of DTaP in adolescents and adults. Because adverse reactions to toxoid may occur, more frequent Td boosters are unwarranted. At any interval after initial immunization, immunity can be reestablished by a single booster dose; however, after an interval of 10 yr from the last injection of tetanus toxoid, the rate of antibody rise to the booster response may be somewhat slower. okay, so the booster in a non acute case is again the toxoids. Let me see if I can find the acute case heres the best I could find. Hyperimmune globulin is prepared from the plasma of persons with high titers of antibody against a specific organism or antigen. It is derived from artificially hyperimmunized donors or from persons convalescing from natural infections. Available hyperimmune globulins include those for hepatitis B, rabies, tetanus, and varicella-zoster. Administration is painful, and anaphylaxis may occur. Againt the above does not provide prolonged protection. This injection is used in the acute sense.

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