why does my discharge smell like garlic

in my case its the food I eat. each time I eat something with garlic, cumin and turmeric, I get a garlici smell in my vagina. though cumin and turmeric ave a stronger and a bit different smell. it took me some time to realize it cause the smell does not come immediately. it can appear after one day, and it can appear even after four days. and I didn t realize that until I began using hawaij spice for my cooking. hawaij is a Yemenite spice mixture which contains turmeric and cumin and other spices.

So, after I began using it, my vagina began smelling just the same but MUCH stronger, lol. so, after I realized that its the spices, I began to experiment with eating garlic, cumin and turmeric separately. I ve waited two weeks after eating each spice, and I can tell you that they all smell even if you eat small quantities. sometimes I even get the smell when I m cooking and not eating any. and other times I even get the smell after eating lots of onions but the smell is weaker in my case.

I believe that there s something in the vaginal discharges that amplifies this smell. its stronger when I m aroused and gets even stronger during sex. fortunately my boyfriend doesn t mind, it became somewhat like a private joke between us. Oh, and I forgot to mention. I don t have any STD s or bacterial or yeast infections. though on both times that I did have a yeast infection the smell was even stronger.

Its two-fold. First - (its typically white/Caucasian women that have the onion crotch smell) and its because these women have the same type of sweat glads in their groin area that are found in their armpits! Most women don t use deodorant or antiperspirant on their crotch area, so there is no way to mask it unless they use good soap and don t sweat.

Its just like not wearing deodorant in the arm pits but its between their legs. Other women (not white) have a smell too, but it doesn t smell like onion BO. Secondly - after some of these women go to the bathroom (#2) this can add to the smell and make it even worse especially if they sweat. This info won t change anything - but at least you now have an answer and it might help you understand. Peace blessing!

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