why does my baby move so much in the womb

No. In fact, if she s active, you can probably take this as a sign that she s doing well! Every pregnancy is unique. There s no set number of movements or kicks that you should feel so it s unlikely that your baby s moving too much. Instead, try to learn your baby s individual. You may find that there are particular times of day when she s most active. She may also respond by moving more when you, have a cold drink, or sit still and relax. You ll also be more likely to feel your baby move more when you and pay attention to your bump. Many women feel their baby move the most when they re in bed at night. This is perfectly normal so just try to relax as best you can. If she s moving too much for you to sleep, you could get up and sway your body for a few minutes to encourage her to settle. In the third trimester, you may notice that your baby s movements become more regular as she develops a pattern of sleeping and waking. Your baby will also have less room to move around towards the end of your pregnancy. You may find that the number of movements you feel plateaus at about, but they should still be regular right up until you go into labour.

If she becomes more active at this stage though, this isn t usually a cause for concern. If this, you may notice your baby s movements earlier and more often. This may make you feel as though she s moving more than she should, but rest assured that most mums feel more movements the second time around. Certain stimulants such as and sugar can make your baby more active. If you regularly drink tea or coffee, or if you consume a lot of sugary foods and drinks, try to cut back. If you still feel that your baby may be moving too much, speak to your. She may ask you to note down when your baby moves and what you ve been doing, so she can see if there s a reason for the activity. If she has any concerns, she may offer you an extra
to check that all s well with your baby. Although a very active baby is unlikely to be of concern, you should be aware of any movements that are significantly different from what you re used to. Any sudden, vigorous and unexpected bouts of movements should be reported immediately, especially if they suddenly increase for a period of time followed by a period of inactivity.

Always trust your instincts, and let your midwife or know if anything doesn t feel quite right to you. Learn more about what to expect from. I am taking yoga and swimming classes for pregnant women and both instructors (the yoga instructor is a OB and the water instructor is highly trained in her field (fitness) with pre-natal specializations), and they have both suggested getting into the cat position on my hands and knees, where my belly is completely relaxed and gravity pulls it down so that the baby has as much space as possible. If you lie on your back, or even on your side, it could feel smushed and kick/push more. I have used this position when I couldn't sleep due to him moving too much. Walking also helps because it lulls him to sleep. I had the same question. I am 33 weeks and my baby never seems to stop moving. I checked with my doctor to see if that could be a sign of anything wrong. He said he'd never heard of to much movement meaning anything. Just said to watch what I was eating, cold food and sugar obviously make the baby move more If the baby is moving a lot, get up walk around for a few.

Just like a new born that cannot rest, the growing baby inside you is restless. You will have to do this once the baby is here too. Walking will rock the baby to sleep, or at least sooth the baby. A lot of movement from baby is a good thing. My baby is constantly moving, and it feels like she wants to move most when I'm trying to relax. My Dr. said especially with my case that baby moving as much as she does is a wonderful sign that she's healthy. I have a thick placenta and the babies stomach growth is at 30 weeks, when everything else is at 33 weeks. So that movement gives me a little bit of solace. Mellofunk the advice I could give is try walking a little bit, this will create a swaying motion that may put baby to sleep. Watch what you drink, if it has caffeine in it, it may cause a lot of hard movement from your baby I had the same concern also. My son seemed to never settle down and he was so hyperactive. Asked my doctor and she said that there is no such thing. I hope your movement is as fun for you as it was for me. although near the end my little girl bruised most of my ribs and had cracked 2 of them.

Not so enjoyable. But she has been a great baby/ todler. She is active but because she is so atctive she naps and sleeps VERY well. Congratulations! You will have a very active little boy or girl. I have also had this problem at times. Am now 31 weeks and some days he's quiet, but other days I wonder if someone didn't sneak a Red Bull or something into my juice. He gets very active and kicks so hard and so much I worry about the integrity of my hip bones. What has helped me is to sit on my elbows and knees on the bed with my tummy hanging down and a pillow under my chin. I think it allows him better space to move or maybe it's just the feeling of gravity from a different direction. What also helps is either standing in the shower with the water hitting my belly or just standing in the pool. All these help quiet my baby. Maybe it will help for you. Good luck. I am 23 weeks pregnant and my baby girl is very active. I was worried about this too, but my doctor said that having a baby inside the stomach is just like having it out. When the baby is restless you have to walk around or rock in a chair or something to sooth them

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