why does chloroform put you to sleep

Chloroform begins to act within a few seconds of inhalation, provided the method of delivery has sufficient concentration and the user takes a deep enough breath. First your extremeties begin to go numb; next your vision and hearing begin to fail. Complete unconsciousness sets in a few seconds later, provided you keep breathing. Recovery generally occurs as soon as the chloroform is removed, though it may be a few minutes before the user feels completely normal. In my estimation, it's certainly possible to facilitate kidnapping with chloroform, provided one is strong enough to hold the cloth in front of the victim's mouth and nose until they are forced to breathe.

Chloroform has a very pungent, sweet smell, so even an unsuspecting victim might vaguely realize what's happening, hold their breath, and resist. As for whether it can kill you, yes, it can. One of the reasons it's no longer used as an anaesthetic today is that people put under sometimes wouldn't wake up. I imagine the cause of death would be heart and/or respiratory failure. Chloroform is also a suspected carcinogen, so repeated use or even long-term exposure to trace amounts may get you in the long run.
mct16 Well, we never know. until we try.

But no, I am not serious with my last sentence. No matter how ineffective chloroform might be seem, you d better stay away of it. Anyway,. It s more than a century old, but perhaps could give you some insight of the possibility of the usage. And anyway, when I read the article mct linked, chloroform is actually used and preferred for it gave quicker anesthetic effect compared to ether (though now other anesthesia is used for chloroform is anticipated as a human carcinogen - something that can give human cancer).

And I ve checked wikipedia, and it shows that. And speaking of knocking man out with any kind of poison (whatever it could be - arsenic, chloroform, anything), it might never give quicker results than knocking out the man physically (like, for instance, by cosh). Poison (yes, any poison) takes time to react in the body, and depending on the man s immune system, the time the poison takes to react might vary for each man.

While 10 mL of chloroform can give you death, it still takes time for reacting in your body. If you are a thug who works with Mueller (who happened to have an access to high-concentrated chloroform), you might think the same. But like other high-concentrated chemicals, if you are a lone thug you definitely won t have any access to it (remember that it is very expensive and only sold to some consumers with specific needs - scientific, laboratory and industrial use). I hope this post is clear enough to understand, if not, I am so sorry. *face palm*

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