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I have a few friends who have started mystery shopping for. All in all, it's a respectable gig for someone with some time, ambition, and a desire to do something different. Having mystery shopped for dozens of companies over the past six years, however, I have some advice to share. These eight tips are vital to making money in this somewhat misunderstood profession. (See also:
1. Mystery shopping can be tough to get into. If you're OK with starting out doing $8 gigs for ordering a fast food meal, then chances are great that you can begin right away. The higher paying shops, however, are usually reserved for those with experience. If you want to earn a reputation for being a dependable shopper, I suggest visiting the and getting at least a. Yes, it costs money. (Think of it as a move to the head of the line pass for most mystery shopping jobs. ) Many reputable companies will only schedule certified shoppers for their jobs. 2. You can't earn money if you don't spend it. Guess what? Mystery shopping requires you to shop (in most cases). Since they don't mail you cash up front, it is your responsibility to be able to cover your purchases for the shop. It also takes between 30 and 90 days to get reimbursed. If you can't spare this money, this may not be the job for you. 3. A successful shop requires an eye for detail. I loved doing the fine dining shops. The problem was, I had a difficult time remembering all the details I needed to complete the shop. I had to covertly keep tabs on the names of every person I came in contact with, what they were wearing, what they said, what my food tasted like, etc. Needless to say it was work! If you are looking for mystery shopping to be your free meal ticket, understand that there will not be much time for relaxing. While it is true that some shops require little work, others require much, much more. 4. Payment depends on your performance. Unlike a typical 9-5 job, you are not guaranteed payment unless your shop has been performed satisfactorily. If you forget the names of your wait staff, don't leave the right amount of tip, or accidentally reveal your shopper status, you are putting your reimbursement in danger. I have never had a shopping company not pay me, but I have also been very diligent about doing everything perfectly.

If you don't take it seriously, you may not be paid and you'll be out whatever cash you put into your shopping experience. 5. There are other costs involved. In addition to the cost of your shopping (which is usually reimbursed partially or in full), there are other costs. Gas to drive to the shop, the cost (if any) to put an item on your credit card until reimbursement, or the cost of a tip (which is often not covered) are just a few expenses that may come up during a typical shop. Obviously, the best strategy is to shop close, only take shops that reimburse in full (and with an extra shopper's fee, if possible), and turn in your reports on time. 6. You are responsible for your own taxes. As a mystery shopper, you are considered an independent contractor. While it is unlikely that you will earn over $600 a year for any one company, you will still be responsible for reporting that income on your tax returns. You can count it as self-employment, deducting expenses as needed, so keep track of the cost of your new mystery shopping job. 7. Some mystery shopping isn't shopping or a mystery. Many shopping companies have begun scheduling work for companies that aren't even related to mystery shopping. Audits, merchandising, and other tasks (including headstone cleaning) often come up on the mystery shopping job boards from time to time. If you don't have an interest in these types of jobs, don't feel obliged to take them. They can be a good source of income for you, however. 8. A reputable mystery shopping company will never ask you for any kind of fee. I'll say this again: You should not have to ever pay for the privilege to shop. You are performing a service, and should get paid. Any fee that is guaranteed to get you a list of jobs is bogus. For a genuine listing of most every single shop service on the planet, see or check out. It costs nothing. (And be sure to read up on the I have never, ever, ever been asked to cash checks in my six years of shopping. Ever. ) After some time, I gave up on mystery shopping. The $8-10 an hour wasn't worth the work (especially as my family grew). For some, this could still be a really good deal. Just be aware of the facts, and decide what's right for you. I still enjoy a nice hotel shop from time to time. (Hubby and I enjoy getting away for a night at an eventual cost of free. ) THE ROLE Q: What is a mystery shopper?

P A: PA mystery shopper is a person who poses as a real customer whilst assessing customer service levels provided by a company or organisation. Q: How do I become a mystery shopper? A: PComplete our online application form -P Q: What does mystery shopping involve? A: PA mystery shopping 'assignment' can be a telephone call, email, letter, website survey, face to face visit or home visit, the list is very long. Q: What type of person can be a mystery shopper? A: PMystery shoppers need to have a good memory, observational and writing skills. A mystery shopper needs to be committed, able to work to strict or tight deadlines, be enthusiastic and reliable. Q: Can I make mystery shopping a full time job? A: PIt is highly unlikely that many people could make a full time living out of mystery shopping as assignments vary in location and clients can sometimes be agent profile specific (for example: a client may require a female under 25 who drives a Peugeot to go to a garage). Mystery Shopping is a great way for people who would like to earn a few extra pounds in their spare time or whilst going about their usual day. Q: Are there any downsides to becoming a mystery shopper? P A: PNot really, however once you commit to an assignment, you must be able to complete it from start to finish within the deadline stated. You must be able to remain calm and think quickly if you are suspected of being a mystery shopper too as you should never reveal that you are! Q: What is the minimum age to become a mystery shopper? P A:P There is no minimum age but if we have an assignment for you while you are under 18 years we may need to obtain formal agreement from your parent or guardian. Q: Do I have to have any qualifications to become a mystery shopper? P A: PNo formal qualifications are required, however you must be able to speak, read and write English competently, with good grammar and punctuation for report writing. You must have regular access to a PC, Internet and Email. Q: I live on one of the small Islands off of the UK, is there any call for Mystery Shoppers here? P A: PMystery Shoppers can be required in any UK Ireland location. We never guarantee work to any of our mystery shoppers, so join today - you never know, there could be work available for you.

Q: Am I able to work from one of your offices? No, all mystery shoppers work from their own home. You must have regular access to a PC, Internet and Email. Q: Do you have a need for disabled mystery shoppers? A: PYes, most definitely. Please complete theP ASSIGNMENTS Q: How long does each assignment take? A: PAssignments vary in length of time depending on the type of mystery shop. This could range from a 2 minute phone call to assessing an airline by taking a flight! Q: How many assignments will I get? A: PWe never guarantee regular assignments to our mystery shoppers. Assignments are based on the clients' needs or requirements. Q: How will I know when I have an assignment? A: PWe have over 200,000 mystery shoppers on our database. Depending on the criteria you selected on your application form, we are able to search and filter our database specifically to our clients' requirements. We can then contact mystery shoppers via email or phone with information about the assignment to see if they are interested. Once you are registered on our database, you can log into your profile to search for assignments in your area. Q: Do I have to do the assignment? A: PNo. If you are sent an assignment by email, you do not have to accept it. That's why we give you the opportunity of replying to state that you are interested. Q: How quick do I need to complete the assignment report form? A: PReport forms are to be completed and submitted within 24 hours of completing the assignment unless you are instructed otherwise by ourselves. Q: How do I complete the assignment report form? A: POur assignment forms are Internet based and instructions will be issued to you when you accept the assignment. Q: Do I keep my paperwork or send to you? A: PAny paperwork should be kept for 3 months after the assignment in case of any queries. Q: What do I do with my receipt(s)? A: PAs part of an assignment, you may be required to make a purchase, therefore you would need to keep your receipt and send it to us when requested as proof of your visit and purchase. HOURS PAY Q: How much will I get paid? A: PThe amount we pay for each assignment varies depending on its length and complexity.

You will be advised of the fee in the initial email from ourselves, or in your Brief. Q: How will I be paid? A: PPaypal or directly into your bank account - you can nominate either. Q: When will I be paid? A: We usually make payment within 28 days of receipt of a completed report form, expenses claim form and any other additional paperwork. This will depend on the assignment, so always check you Brief for further details. Q: Who pays my National Insurance Income Tax? A: PAs a mystery shopper you are classed as self employed and required to declare your earnings to the Inland Revenue. Q: How many hours will I work a week? A: PThere is no guarantee. Some weeks/months we may not have any work for you and some we may have many - it depends on our clients and their requirements. Q: Will I be interviewed? A: PNo. APPLICATION FORM Q: What do I do once I have completed my online application form? A: POnce you have completed yourP, you will receive an email from us with your login information. You can then login, fill out additional information in your profile and search for work in your area. Q: Why does your form ask for so much personal information? A: PClients can be specific in their requirements. We ask for your car and home details etc. as this makes it easier for us to send the assignment to the right people. Sometimes we will be looking for someone with a specific age or make of car, or someone who gets their insurance from a particular company. If you have filled out this information in your profile, we'll be able to contact you to offer you the assignment. P Q: Is my personal information shared with a third party? A: PNo, absolutely not. The information you give is for us to select the right mystery shopper for the right assignment. Q: Why do I have a unique ID and password? A: PAll mystery shoppers are given a unique ID and password, in order for us/or you to verify that the email address matches the individual who submitted the online application. Q: I forgot my password, can you send it to me again? A: PPlease click on the Pand fill out your details, we will then send you a password reminder email. If this does not work then please email agents@mystery-shoppers. co. uk with your full name, date of birth and address so we can locate you on our database.

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