why do u want to work in retail

You have made the decision that retail is where you would like to start your working life. The hours are flexible, the mall is near your home, and the people watching is hot. You might be allowed to wear the store s clothing and you will help shoppers and talk about cool product all day long. There is only one glitch, you have never worked for anyone before, been on an interview or have any idea what you have to offer a retailer, aside from your love of their product. Here are some answers to questions you might be asked in an interview. Q. Have you worked in retail before? (Letвs assume you havenвt. Think about whether you have ever sold anything to anyone, how about selling an idea to your parents? Think about how you like sales associates to sell to you. )
A. I have helped many people make buying decisions (which by the way is the definition of selling). I shop with my mom and my friends all the time and I have a very good sense of what looks good on someone and what doesnвt. Also I have good color sense. I know about fabrics as well as Iвve been sewing my own clothes since 9th grade (and took Home Economics throughout high school. ) I am a friendly person so I am comfortable approaching people and I believe that if you can get someone to like you and warm up to you they will want you to help them solve their problem. Q. Can you work for a minimum of 16 hours a week? A. During the summer I would appreciate full time hours, however before school is finished I could make it work if the hours are spread out. My school work is important, but I take all my commitments seriously and would be happy to work around whatever schedule you need filled. Q. Can you work shifts? late nights and early mornings?

Weekends? A. Once school is finished I am available for pretty much any shift seven days a week. When classes are on, I ll just have to work around those specific times. Q. Why do you want to work in retail? A. I want to work for your company in this location. I have been a regular customer of your store for a long time and have always been treated well when I come in to shop. I really like helping people, I like meeting new people and I welcome an opportunity to learn more about selling, merchandising and product knowledge. Or B. I want to work in retail because I like the people aspect of the business. I like helping people and meeting people ( and Iвve always wanted to work in a shopping mall) and making a difference in peoplesв lives. Shopping makes people happy when they find what they like and Iвd like to be a part of that. Or C. I think that being able to sell is a skill that will help me throughout my entire career no matter what career I decide on. I want to become a great salesperson, learn negotiating skills and how to communicate with different kinds of people. Q. Why should I hire you? A. You should hire me because I am going to provide excellent customer service which will result in customers coming back again and again which means the store makes more money. As in any interview, sit up straight, look the interview in the eyes, smile as much as you can, use correct grammar, and don t pepper your speech with slang expressions. Know that the interview is about the company and the interviewer and not about you. Hiring someone is a business decision, so stay focused on how you can help the retailer succeed. July 3, 2015 August 19, 2015, Retail is an awesome place to start in the work force!

There are so many benefits! Not only is retail one of the cleanest jobs you can find, it is very versatile! So you can answer this question from one of the following benefits: You could be doing something as simple as running till to something as creative as designing a billboard for a sale coming up, from stocking shelves to working in maintenance. Retail is huge and has so many opportunities. Not only are there a huge number of areas you can work in when it comes to retail, most retail companies promote from within. You could start out stocking shelves and in just a year become a manager of an area in the store! Are you really into something that the retail stores in your area offer? If so, great! Try to get into one of those stores. There are two great reasons for applying to a store that carries items you like. First, it will easily give you an answer to your question. You want to work there because you have knowledge of what they offer. Although customer service is number one when working in retail, a working knowledge of what the store offers is an easy second! The other reason: most retail stores offer their employees (even part-time and seasonal) discounts within the store! Now if that isnвt a great reason to work in retail, I donвt know what is! The last great reason to work in retail? Flexible hours!!!! Retail companies offer different types of shifts and many of them during their open (and overnight) hours. Most retail companies are awesome at working around your schedule! I work in retail and have for many years. Honestly, I couldnвt work anywhere else. I love the atmosphere and the perks! Hope this helped.

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