why do the uk want to leave the eu

here are already signs that leading academics from abroad are not taking up posts at British universities until they know the results of the referendum next month. б Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Baron Willetts said cutting ties with the rest of Europe will make it more expensive for Britain to take part in collaborative research. Ahead of a debate on the influence of the EU on British education, he said: БThe argument has been focused too far on the financial returns, though it is true we get more back from the EU research budget that we put in because of the quality of our university research but I see it above all about free movement of students and academics. б
He said the position of international companies that have research and development units in the UK, such as Siemens, would be compromised because Бthe flow of investment in and out of the UKБ would be at risk. Asked if that meant some facilities would shut down, he said: БThat would be a risk. Бб He highlighted the European Bio-informatics Institute outside Cambridge and the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy near Oxford as two research centres that would suffer after a Brexit.

Cameron and Osborne attacked over 'propaganda filled' Brexit reportб More than 800,000 people could lose their jobs because of the severe economic shock of a Brexit, the Treasury has said as it warned that Britain will face a recession as deep as it did in the early 1990s. Today both the Prime Minister and Chancellor claimed Britain will be plunged into a recession of its own making if the country votes for Brexit. Responding to the report Boris Johnson accused the government of putting out more propaganda than we have seen at any time since 1992. hose living in Scotland, with a university education or aged below 30 are most likely to want to stay in the EU, according to newP Preleased by YouGov. P The UK's overall voting intentions could not be closer - withP P- but splits between different groups of voters could hold the clue to theP result.

P While there seems to be no gender gap, splits the population down age, political leanings and education. P YouGov said that its research shows that for once the differences do match the stereotypes. There is a huge contrast between the kinds of people wantingP. P But what else does it indicate? P The survey shows that Northern Ireland andP are the regions most in favour of staying in the EU, with almost two thirds of respondents wishing to remain. P The least positive region about EU membership is the Midlands - with 59 per cent of the East Midlands wanting to leave. P The figures could be crucial in the event of a Brexit vote as Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland's First Minister, hasP that demand for a second independence referendum could be unstoppable if taken out of the EU against its will. P London was the third most enthusiastic region for EU membership with a 58-42 per cent split. P Overall five UK regions back continued EU membership, compared to seven where a majority of voters wish to leave. P

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