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Ice Chips Candy owner's Beverly Vines-Haines Charlotte Clary from Yelm, WA. will be featuring their delicious new and healthy candy product on the Next Shark Tank Show. The
Ice Chips Candy comes in 17 all natural flavors within 5 distinct groups. You have the Mints, Fruits, Fun Chips, Specialty and Therapeutic Ice Candy Chips to choose from. Haines Clary claim that the Dentist's who have tried this all natural candy, say it actually helps promote good dental health and they recommend the Ice Chips candy to their patients. (That is a big statement for any candy type product) which is another big plus. What is "Ice Candy Chips Made From? According to the Ice Chips FaceBook Page, this candy is. Xylitol studies have also shown it can repair damaged enamel which is probably why dentists are recommending it. Another interesting fact about xylitol is it kills germs and bacteria while leaving your breathe fresh. This all natural sweeten candy is also safe for diabetics. While there seems to be several benefits to humans, xylitol is harmful and can be fatal to Dogs. So if you buy some Ice Candy Chips, make sure you remember not to share, at least with your Dog anyway. Beverly Haines Charlotte Clary started their business relatively small, and in less then 3 years time they are starting to expand FAST! To date, they are already in over 1,000 stores across the country. Having such a great tasting natural candy in 17 flavors actually sell themselves. They also claim that you can now buy them in all 50 States. I used the Store Locator to see if I could buy some for this article but the nearest store is over 100 miles away. Looks like I might have to wait to try Ice Chips Candy first hand. Most of the stores showing for my State are Health Food type stores and a few gyms. If you have a store with a little counter space you can buy a 100 count display box and start selling individual mini packs to your customers and get listed on their site at the same time.

Hey, if I would look it up, I bet there's going to be many many more after the Shark Tank Effect takes hold of this unique product. I have a feeling this natural candy chips is going nation wide very soon. It's a great "healthy sweet product" that's actually good for you. Will the Sharks take a bite out of the Ice Chips Candy? They have a very nice functioning and well designed website, 17 products that are already being shipped around the country, already in over 1,000 stores, an extremely large untapped market and two Grandma's that are going to do what ever it takes to succeed. YES, I Do Believe they will make a deal this Friday Night on the Shark Tank Show. Charlotte Clary and Bev Vines-Haines, the two grandmothers behind the popular Ice Chips Candy, are moving their venture to Olympia from Yelm. Why? БExplosive growth,Б Clary said during an interview and tour of the new facility lastweek, which is just off Old Highway 99 at 79th Avenue Southeast, across from Olympia Regional Airport. Simply put: The candy, which is sold in 21 flavors and is made with a natural sweetener called xylitol, has caught on with customers. The chipped candy now is sold, most notably in tins, in stores throughout the country and overseas. And that meant the 5-year-old company was bursting at the seams of its 5,000-square-foot location in Yelm, space so cramped that it wasnБt unusual to have to walk sideways just to get around, Clary said. So in August they signed a lease for 21,500 square feet of space and are set to begin moving in the coming days. The new location will be home to every aspect of the business: reception, production and shipping. There also are offices for the co-founders and majority owners, a break room for 34 employees, and a reception area that will double as a retail storefront, where customers can buy candy or get a customized gift basket.

The larger space also will allow them to increase staff and ramp up production. That, combined with a new sales effort, means the business is aiming for $32 million in revenue this year. But Clary and Vines-Haines are getting help. They now have a chief executive officer, an operations manager and a former Pepsi Co. vice president who is handling sales. That gives them time to market the business and make public appearances throughout the country. Clary and Vines-Haines said they knew they were on to something in 2009 when friends and family. But they couldnБt imagine where they are today. For much of their growth, they thank the ABC-TV show БShark Tank,Б which the two of them call the Бgift that keeps on giving. Б After launching the business in 2010, the grannies appeared on the show in 2012 and won an investment from Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran. Off camera, they ultimately decided not to take the deal, but they still have fond memories of the experience and remain close to other Shark Tank alums. The newest of the 21 Ice Chips Candy flavors are sour apple, sour cherry and root beer float. Peppermint and lemon are tied for most popular. The tins sell for $5, and the business is set to roll out a resealable package that sells for $2. 99. Ice Chips Candy can be found at the Bayview and RalphБs Thriftway stores in Olympia. In Pierce County, it is sold at Bartell Drugs. HereБs more about xylitol from the Ice Chips Candy website: БIt is all natural, safe for diabetics and has many health benefits. Mostly, it is made from birch bark or corn. Ice Chips Candy uses only the birch bark xylitol in order to avoid any chance of using genetically modified corn (GMO). Б

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