wine recommendations based on what you like

What makes NextGlass stand out is how it makes those recommendations. Unlike other recommendation apps, it's not predicting what you'll like based on similar brands or what other people say. Rather, it uses the actual chemical makeup of the drink. Trace Smith, the company's chief operating officer, said that around 30,000 bottles of beer and wine have been tested for the app using a high-resolution mass spectrometer -- a device that measures chemicals in a substance.
Donвt be afraid the purpose of this quiz is not to pigeonhole you, but to determine how comfortable you are with intense or complex flavors and trying out new tastes.

We know you might have more than one answer to a question or that your answers might change depending on the season.

But please,В choose only one answer. Once you know your tribe, you can get personalized wine recommendations from others with the same preferences. Be sure to check out our Wine Picks By Tribe В and find the best wines especially for you. Now, letвs find your tribe!

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