why wont my phone connect to my computer via usb

I have a samsung galaxy fascinate, and I have problems with it connecting to my pc as well. It only won t connect some of the time, other times there s no issue. I have never changed any of the settings since it worked the first time. Neither my laptop nor my phone has any notification of connection, but my phone is charging. I ve tried different usb ports, pulling the battery, pulling the memory card, restarting my pc, and I also tried to plug it into another laptop.

I m also fairly sure I downloaded an update for the phone but couldn t do it because I couldn t connect it to my pc. I don t think I ve ever used a samsung cord with it, I usually use a blackberry cord. I m using an LG one right now and its not working, but this cord will charge from the wall. I ve tried everything to fix this.

It is the MOST frustrating thing ever, just because I don t know why it only works some times and not others. Can anyone help me?!
I know it's been some time since anyone commented on here, but I figured I'd try my luck before posting a new post. I have the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus and am having the same problem. I updated/reinstalled all the drivers, have checked/unchecked USB debugging, rebooted the phone and restarted the PC and still cannot connect.

It says Connected as a USB and the device shows up in My Computer when connected as PTP, but does not show up when connected as MTP (even though it makes the chirp sound and says Connected as a USB ). Is there any solution for this? Is it possible it's the USB cable? Something I disabled in My Computer?

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