why wont my logitech wireless mouse work

A while back I purchased a Logitech MX 1100 wireless mouse, and IБve been quite pleased with it. But, since IБve been using it on my laptop every time I pack up to go somewhere I need to unplug the USB receiver stick. As it is with any connector, unplugging it at regular intervals puts a strain on the hardware and after 6 months my receiver finally gave out and stopped working. Luckily this particular mouse came with a 3 year warranty and Logitech sent me a new one within a week. While this was great, the old mouse would not connect to the new receiver Good thing I have a groovyPost for that! If you are working with a replacement receiver like I am, if you just plug-in the receiver and turn on the mouse, that wonБt work. If you try to add devices from the control panel, that doesnБt work either.

With these darn mouse s, you re almost always going to be required to use the LogitechБs custom connection software. On Windows you can use either the SetPoint Logitech Mouse and Keyboard software, or the Logitech Connection Utility. You can
from LogitechБs website, but to keep this brief weБll look at just using the stand-alone Connection Utility. * * Note that the connection utility does not support Mac computers, if you are running a Mac you will need to download the SetPoint software. Once youБve downloaded the Logitech Connection Utility ( logitech_connect. exe ) go ahead and launch it and open the application. DonБt worry Б it doesnБt install anything.

Click the Next button on the welcome page and the tool will tell you to plug-in the new receiver, after that youБll reach the pairing screen. ItБs quite simple really, just turn off your mouse ( or take out the batteries ) and then turn the mouse back on. Voila, the mouse should now be paired with the receiver. But, sometimes this doesnБt workБ Trouble Connecting? When pairing fails, Logitech suggests that you contact their customer support Б but there is more thing you can try first. In the connection utility go back to the Welcome screen and Click Advanced. This will bring you to a new window, here Select Pair a New Device. A window like the one in the screenshot above will open, in fact it s identical to the normal pairing window but using this one will create a new instance of the pairing process.

Done! Now your mouse should be connected. If it still wonБt connect and you are using the correct mouse with the correct receiver, feel free to drop a comment below, post in the groovy community help forum, or call Logitech customer support @ 1-646-454-3209. Don't Miss a Single Tip! The Logitech Reconnection Utility included with your mouse may also fix connection problems. To run it, select "Start All Programs Logitech Mouse and Keyboard Reconnection Utility. " If you continue to have connection issues, try replacing the batteries with new ones. The LED on the front of the mouse flashes red when battery power is low.

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