why the kempton park hospital closed down

The Citizen has entered the dilapidated and abandoned hospital in Kempton Park, infamous for the spectres that are said to wonder the hospital at night. Our guide, Xolani, a security guard, takes us in through the service entrance of the premises up to a court yard near the back of the hospital. The ground has not been tended too with overgrown grass and bushes that add to the ominous feeling as we make our way to the buildings that once housed over 300 beds. As we near the hospital building, there are two broken wheel chairs, one lying on its side with the wheel moving ever so slightly with the help of an almost tempest breeze that also breathes life into the passages and ruined elevator shafts. As Xolani shows us the hospitalвs kitchen, he tells us that one night he walked around looking for poltergeists, but was unsuccessful. В He does, however, admit that walking through the uninhabited hospital is unnerving. As we move away from the kitchen, walking up two flights of stairs the light stays behind. He takes us into an old theatre which lies still in complete darkness; the only light is that of our phones and the flashes of our camera.

An operating light lies broken on the floor with its hinge still hanging from the ceiling. Graffiti on the walls reminds us that we are not the first to venture into the gloomy part of the hospital. In another theatre is a piece of apparatus that has been left to rust. The hospital was closed a day after Christmas in 1996, and while some equipment was moved from the hospital a lot of it remained including beds and patient files. Over the years, what remained was stolen or vandalised. We enter another room filled with burnt hospital records. We are able to make out part of a record that appears to have been records of patients that went for X-rays. As we make our way up to one of the wards we are met with the creaking sound of a door closing. Cold chills run down our spines, but soon we rationalise that the wind is responsible for a lot of the anomalous sounds heard within the heart of the hospital. The wards that once saw patients getting sicker or on the mend are now empty with the exception of a couple of files or random chairs sitting alone in the middle of the room.

Before we bid farewell to the hospital we visit the morgue, the most chilling area we have visited yet. The morgue slab stands dirtied and broken in the centre of the room behind it the mortuary chambers that once housed the bodies of the dead. In the end, we found nothing of a paranormal nature, just the ghosts of visitors past that were presented in the form of empty beer bottles, cigarette packets and amateur graffiti.
JOHANNESBURG - As Gauteng's ailing health system battles with repeated staff, equipment and bed shortages, a multi-million rand facility has been left to slide into decay after it was abandoned 17 years ago. The Kempton Park Hospital closed its doors the day after Christmas in 1997 with millions of rands worth of equipment locked inside and there's still no clear explanation why. Today, there s not much left inside the hospital, with most of the equipment stolen over the years.

There s no electricity, the rooms are empty, the ceilings have been ripped out, there are broken windows and doors and thousands of confidential patient files litter the floors. Security guards are paid monthly to look after the abandoned building with taxpayers money that some believe could be better used to help other hospitals in desperate need of equipment. The Democratic Alliance s Jack Bloom says the decision to close this hospital was a bad one. They said this hospital was underutilised. I think it was a very big mistake because we have seen a growth in the population and these hospitals are very necessary. Guards at the abandoned facility say about 50 people arrive there on Friday and Saturday nights to look for ghosts, believing the hospital is haunted. For a fee, they will guide curious members of the public through the hospital. Empty surgical theatres and broken x-ray machines lend an eerie air to this once prestigious facility. There s no official plan to reopen it at this stage.

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