why mumbai is called city of dreams

Mumbai is synonymous to numerous words and phrases, but Dream City is that one phrase which defines Mumbai quite accurately. While we all know, that Mumbai is called as a city of dreams; we have listed down the reasons to believe it. 1. BOLLYWOOD
This extremely influential industry is settled in Mumbai. Mumbai is the city where the stars reside with their stardom. Mumbai and Bollywood go hand in hand. Getting into Bollywood is an unforgettable dream that many of see while watching one movie or the other at some point of time. 2. YOU NEVER KNOW The unpredictable nature of this city makes living here quite adventures. There are so many opportunities lurking in each corner of this city that, one skill can turn you into a master. Mumbai mein kya ho jao, you never know! 3. INSPIRATION The flames of this city add fuel to your dreams when you get to see the live examples of living legends that made their life larger and turned each shortcoming into an opportunity. 4. BEING HUMAN Mumbai is a melting pot of cultures, religions, beliefs and customs.

This is a city where you would find a Muslim celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi and a Marathi dancing on Dandiya beats. 5. FINANCIAL CAPITAL Delhi might be the capital of India but Mumbai stands as the financial capital of India. It is further rated as one of the top 10 centers of the world in trade and commerce. The presence of Bombay stock exchange adds the gem on the crown of Mumbai. 6. CITY OF LIVING Mumbai embraces everyone who enters the city. It is all about your wits and mind. Mumbai serves you with numerous opportunities and then you have to decide what and how you would paint the canvas of your life. P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P 7. IT NEVER SLEPT, IT NEVER WILL This city is a dreamland because it sees dreams with the eyes kept open. Mumbai aspires and inspires, from the dawn till the dark, the bewitching streets of Mumbai just dont sleep. It goes on; they walk tirelessly till everyone meets their destination. Even though the city never sleeps, yet everyone has a thousand dreams in their eyes. 8.

MUMBAI LOCAL The lifeline of Mumbai. If youre in Mumbai and you happen to travel via the local, dont be worried or shocked to see people hanging on the train doors. Thats just how a Bambai wala rolls. You cant even dream of finishing your to-do list in Mumbai without using the local. P P P P P P P P P P P P Source: www. luseeindia. com 9. BANDRA WORLI SEA LINK Because driving into Mumbai over Bandra Worli Sea Link is like seeing Manhattan. You just cannot get enough of the sight when in the city. Its every Bambai walas happy place. 10. FOODIES DELIGHT Vada Pav near Dadar s Kirti College, Bagdadis at Colaba for the best biryani in the city, Pav Bhaji at Cannon, Falooda at Badshah, Chicken Tikka at Bade Miyan, Dil Khush Dosa at Mysore Cafe, Pizzas at Some like it Hot. Make sure you pay a visit when youre in Mumbai next. P P P PSource: Parunshanbhag. com Bombay can be called a city of dreams. The film industry flourished in Bombay. Many films were based on the migrants and the problems they faced.

Raja Harishchandra, a popular movie, was made in the year 1913 In 1925, Bombay became Indias film capital and produced films which were viewed by the people all over India. By 1987, the film industry employed 520,000 people. Most of the people in the film industry were migrants who came from cities like Lahore, Calcutta and Madras and contributed to the national character of the industry. City development caused great harm to the ecology and the environment. Natural features, like hills were flattened out to create more space in the cities. Due to the vast population, air, water and land pollution prevailed. Factories which belched smoke darkened the city skies and caused health hazards for the city dwellers. Factory wastes contaminated the waterways and land. Factory Smoke Descends on the Cities Cities Covered with Fog Governments all over the world are doing their best to control pollution and provide a save living space for the growing city dwellers.

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