why do we need ethical behavior in sports

The ethics that leaders in an organization use to manage employees may have an effect on the morale and loyalty of workers. The code of ethics leaders use determines discipline procedures and the acceptable behavior for all workers in an organization.

When leaders have high ethical standards, it encourages workers in the organization to meet that same level. Ethical leadership also enhances the company s reputation in the financial market and community.

A solid reputation for ethics and integrity in the community may improve the company s business.
It is the responsibility of each employee to report suspicious people in the office or misconduct committed by company employees.

Company policies are designed to create a safe workplace. By reporting violations of company policy, you are doing your part to maintain a high standard of ethics in your office that will keep employees and visitors safe.

For example, fire exits that are not properly maintained should be reported immediately for repair.

Employees that do not follow the regulations in regard to proper disposal of cigarettes in the break area could be causing a fire hazard and that should be brought to the attention of management.