why do sugar cubes dissolve in water

Did you ever wonder why sugar dissolves in a cup of coffee? Why not have the sugar just float in the middle of the cup, without dissipating into the coffee? Its because of the way water molecules interact with molecules in other substances.

A water molecule has powerful magnetic properties, because of the two positively charged hydrogen atoms stuck to a negatively charged oxygen atom. A water molecule can actually sugar molecules and insert itself in between them.

This is whats happening on a molecular level when you see the sugar cube getting wet and crumbling apart. Water molecules are busily inserting themselves between sugar molecules. Eventually they come between all the sugar molecules, dissolving the sugar cube.
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The cold water isn't able to dissolve as much sugar as the hot water, but why? Another name for the liquids inside the cups is a 'solution', when this solution can no longer dissolve sugar it becomes a 'saturated solution', this means that sugar starts forming on the bottom of the cup.

The reason the hot water dissolves more is because it has faster moving molecules which are spread further apart than the molecules in the cold water.

With bigger gaps between the molecules in the hot water, more sugar molecules can fit in between.