why do polish names end in ski

It is similar with that. Here is essential the first one,root member of whole family tree,than follow sounds and words that have also meaning. Our Ape ancestor started his speaking with sounds that were words. Than he put among consonants,vocals cause of detection and correction of errors!?!

After had come syllables,that had been made by 2 3 sounds! When he had wasted them,started combinatorics. Words in usage today,were than sentences!

Small advanced curse of ancient language! P. S. Of course all that was upon life experiences,rather than from ancient linguistic university. Egypt,could have been interventions on language?!? Different groups all around Med sea,separated among themselves,practiced maybe different rules?!?

Same were only syllables and their meaning!?!
It (the ski at the end of Polish names) is presumed to mean "son of". I know this because my name ends this way.

I spent most of my youth getting teased mercilessly because of my last name, as it was easily recognized as being Polish, was unusual and could be warped into cruel versions of the original.

Strangely enough, when I got married at 30, I decided that my last name and I had been through hell and back and that I was actually quite attached to it and had no intention of changing it after the wedding. Go figure.