why do we need elections in a democracy

    Elections promote democracy in a number of ways:     1. The people are electing a representative (in representative democracy) to represent their constituen
cy and them as an individual in Parliament. These representatives represents their constituency's interest, and the national interest as a whole.     2.

Sovereignty returns to the people during the election, so it reminds people that they have control over who governs them. At election time, the people have the opportunity to give verdict on the current government, and change it if they have not performed well enough.     3.

At election time, different, competing parties put forth manifestos competing for votes. This educates the people of different political programs and promotes pluralism as different groups are competing for success.     4.

Elections promote political participation as it is a time when people can directly vote for their representatives. @Chirag : This cannot really be matched up against the definitions of the words adjectives you chose to describe "Democracy. " Not at first is its data-wed capabilities, become apparent through the very mysticism of what an Axis really is.

Congress doesn't with-hold an axis, currently.

Modern day's Politics clash tidal waves with Science and medical reasoning; this is up for indepth debate by a highly ranked, Doctoral Physician by the name of [MD MARKEE CUEVAS]