why do police officers have a high divorce rate

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Typically, the Police divorce rate is high.

On average, the large departments are about 70-80 %. It's not surprising when you consider the sacrifices that have to be made by the men and women who choose this career. Take the long hours and strange schedule, shiftwork, attending court on days off, and its easy to see that officers just won't be around all that much. It's not surprising that a couple would drift apart. Factor in the missed holidays and family events, and it doesn't just create isolation, but sometimes anger and hostility. It can be difficult for someone who doesn't understand this job to accept that their spouse isn't going to be around like "normal" people.

Those that are working this job can also go through emotional and personal changes. Seeing violent acts, or attending grusome crime scenes can have a negative effect on one's psyche. People often have trouble talking about their thoughts and feelings, especially in the Police subculture. Although many changes have taken place over the last several decades, there is still a certain "macho" tendency that many cops have. Talking about feelings can still be seen as weak, and it prevents people from talking at all. Even to their loved ones. Without talking, or sharing your thoughts with peole, it's very likely that your heart can harden and your views on things can change.

Families won't understand why you're in a bad mood unless you tell them. And if you don't tell them, you'll eventually put up a wall. Not wanting to bother your spouse, or feel "weak" by sharing your thoughts can create this wall to become larger and larger. As an officer, you may have your reasons for not wanting to communicate, but your spouse may not understand this. Remember, you took an oath with your wife when you married her/him, and it should be the strongest bond you have. Inability to communicate has been cited as the top reason for divorce, although there are countless others.

Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for officers to turn to other officers of the opposite sex for comfort. It may be just to talk, but sometimes leads to more. Alcohol can be the other way that officers deal with stress on the job. Clearly, this is not good, and it too can definitely have an effect on family life. Although there are possibly countless other reasons, inability to communicate, infidelity, alcoholism, and "not being around enough" may be the top factors as to why the police divorce rate may be so high.

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