why do vampires have no reflection in the mirror

The other answers are mostly true or pieces of the truth. When a person died and then came back from being burried (due to them not actually being dead) it was considered that they were "possessed" or their soul "corrupted". Left alone they would eventually become Hell hounds/Demon Dogs which is why they're associated with Werewolves. Silver is considered purifying and "clean" substance. I do not remember the origin of why this is, but it might have to do with it being an effective cleaning agent in reality. Being that Vampires and Werewolves are "corrupt/impure" and Mirrors were made of silver and were sources of purification, a corrupted soul would not reflect.

This is likewise why Silver works in killing werewolves, it rejects and disperses the corrupted soul of the werewolf. In other words. Mirrors reflect truth and Vampires have no soul or are evil thus the truth is that the person that is the vampire isn't really there, thus would not be reflected OR would be reflected as monstrous. Stoker's Vampire did not reflect and became popular so most sources forgot that not all Vampires don't not reflect when they used Stoker's story as a source.
Vampires vs.

Mirrors Heya readers, today s post is about those smooth shiny things known as mirrors. Woo! Vampires and mirrors, every one of us knows that the classic stereotypical vampires absolutely can t stand mirrors because, you know, the whole no reflection thing they have going. But why do they hate mirrors so much? Where did this whole idea come about? Cue. This dislike for mirrors mostly stems from fiction, specifically Stoker s renowned Dracula.

In the book Bram Stoker has Dracula react violently to seeing Jonathan Harker s shaving mirror (he flings it out a window). He knows that he casts no reflection and obviously he doesn t want to cause anyone to have a spaz-attack when they see that or rather, don t see it. When it comes to the folklore part of this myth, the reason for the mirror-phobia has to do with the idea that mirrors reflect souls and evil beings have no souls, therefore no reflection.

So it s sort of like the vamps in Buffy but not exactly (since Angel had a soul and still no reflection). There is also the old argument that blood suckers exist in two worlds, in the living and in the dead. But since it isn t fully in either one it will not be seen in a mirror. More fun mirror facts; Bulgarians turned the mirror toward the wall when a person died to prevent the death of another, in case the corpse was reflected. In Mecklenburg they thought when the corpse saw itself doubled it would grab someone to take with it.

But mirrors can also be helpful to some. It was believed that mirrors could be used as a weapon against vampires. The mirror can be used to distract the vamp for a moment, giving the hunter plenty of time to get out a much deadlier weapon. So this whole dislike for mirrors mostly has to do with the beloved Bram Stoker, but as I said it does have some meaning in folklore as well. So if you suspect someone is a vampire then mirror test just might not work for real.

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