why do so many people believe in religion

It seems the West is constantly looking for a way to get rid of God but it erupts in other ways. This is not to prove that some transcendent being exists beyond our reality, on the contrary, it proves something else entirely, we like to be controlled. I know that's not going to sit well with many Westerners who have been indoctrinated to believe (there's that word again! ) we are free and we need to fight for freedom.

The fact that we angrily chant, march and protest against inequality and have yet to change the system that it inhabits, means we still believe we deserve it. We still have this religious mindset that says we need to guiltfully earn our pain, indifference, and ill-informed politicians.

We pay for ours sins, even when we don't believe in them. We find reasons to justify our un-freedom. The West is constantly haunted by religion. We create daily rituals and justify them with beliefs that endorse our own enslavement to a system that is hell-bent on snuffing out any nuance of a creative flame.

Indoctrination into Religion Hypnosis and Indoctrination. Is it coincidence that people tend to stay with whatever religion they were raised in, and this religion tends to be whatever religion is dominant in the community/nation where they live?

If people were genuinely convinced by the arguments which apologists offered, shouldn t the distribution of religions around the globe be a bit more even? The high and consistent degree of religious concentrations suggests that people believe their religion because that s the one they were indoctrinated into and which is consistently reinforced around them.

People acquire a religion before critical thinking skills and that religion is promoted without most people noticing. That s really not a very good reason to believe that a religion is true, is it?