why do people go on pilgrimages to jerusalem

Jerusalem is one of the most important and noble cities on mother earth. This city has equaling importance for the followers of different religions like Muslims, Jews and Christians. It becomes more important city because of its neighboring city of Bethlehem. You can experience wet winters and dry summer in this city so you can say that it has mild climate. So if you wanted to plan a Pilgrimage visit to the city then you have to be very much careful about the weather condition during your visit time.

The importance of Jerusalem city is more because of its Pilgrimage importance. It has the sites which are considered holy sites in Christianity. You can see the importance of this city through this fact that every Christian sect has some specific holy sites according to their own beliefs but all of these sects including Lutherans, Mormons, Orthodox and Catholics are agreed on the holiness of Jerusalem. The reason behind this is that this is the place from where Christianity starts; this is the place of crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

This crucifixion is considered as the greatest resurrection and sacrifice which hold the roots and original basis of faith. It is witnessed that soon after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ pilgrimage to Jerusalem begins. It was banned during the Roman Empire. A new era begins when the mother of roman emperor build a church at the site of Crucifixion. This is the oldest sanctify Church in Christendom. After this Christianity is state religion and allowed to practice freely by her son.

During the times of Eastern Control the Pilgrimage activities flourishes in Jerusalem. But soon after the Arabs took control of the place and with that the crusades begun. As the Catholics are in control of the Holy Land, so there are now protecting the Holy Places by means of check points, and rest stops. The entire place around the Holy Land and Jerusalem is protected by the Church. In 1200`s the Catholics refused to go back to the Holy Land because the Muslims took the control of the place officially.

Now days if you see around you will found the Pilgrimages from Islam, Judaism and Christianity are coming in huge number to visit the Holy Land of Jerusalem. They people who visit this place are of the view that here they can feel the comfort and closeness to Jesus as they think that they are walking on his footsteps. / / Why you have to Visit Jerusalem for Pilgrimage?
Few places in the world have the religious, historical and political significance that Jerusalem boasts.

Some of the holiest sites in Christianity, Judaism and Islam are just a stone s throw away from each other, and history comes alive with every step. But Jerusalem is also a thriving, beautiful modern city with incredible art, food and nightlife. An incredibly safe city for solo female travelers and families alike, it is an amazing vacation destination. Read on for the top 10 things to do in Jerusalem and reasons to visit: Check out these helpful travel tips for