why do we need clothes to survive

There are many but these are the main ones. -Ideal Diet for the species in question -Freedom from pain/abuse or disease -Correct environment -Proper Social housing. E. g. An
animal that spends its life in solitude should be housed in solitude unless you plan to breed and have a licence to do so. -The ability to exhibit normal behaviour E. g. if your animal naturally climbs provide an environment for it to do so safely. Practical winter clothing doesnвt have to be bulky and unattractive. This season, you wonвt need to sacrifice fashion or functionality if you follow our four easy tips to survive snow days in style!

Add Layers of Warmth and Personality Source: Itвs easy to create a chic outfit for snow days that wonвt leave you shivering in the cold by layering thin pieces in warm fabrics. Amber from stays warm in this trendy outfit featuring a white leather jacket with textured patches, thigh-high grey boots, a cozy sweater, black jeans, thin cashmere gloves, and a pale plaid blanket scarf. The combination of neutral colors, edgy details, and contrasting fabrics showcases Amberвs signature aesthetic while keeping her warm in the cold and snowy weather.

Find the Perfect Pair of Snow-Proof Boots Source: Snow days pose a particular fashion dilemma when it comes to shoes. While your feet need to be shielded from the wet and icy snow, most snow-proof shoesВ are outrageously unattractive. This winter, take a style cue from Rachel from and invest in a pair of winter shoes made from warm and waterproof materials that also features cute accents. Choose a pair of or in a bright color to add personality to any winter outfit without sacrificing functionality and layer your shoes with a pair of printed cozy socks for an extra bit of warmth!

Add a Statement Scarf and Hat Source: В This seasonвs biggest trends are the perfect mix of modern style and comfort. Adding an oversized blanket scarf in a bold pattern instantly adds an extra layer of warmth and interest to any winter outfit. В Mixing in an interesting hat will add even more flair and functionality to the look. Julia from brightens up her normal jeans and jacket with a bright blue oversized scarf and stylish black hat.

These two simple accessories elevate the look from ordinary to amazing while simultaneously shielding her from the icy breeze and frozen sidewalk. Invest in a Great Jacket Source: Designers in all price ranges are making winter clothing with stylish accents that are every bit as hip and edgy as their summer counterparts. Investing in a few winter statement pieces will make it easy to survive winter days without abandoning your sense of style, and a statement jacket will be the VIP of your wardrobe this winter. Search for a jacket in warm fabrics such as leather or faux fur and search for a piece with interesting details such as bright colors, textured patches, edgy collars, or cool zippers.

Meghan from combines sleek leather leggings with a moto jacket thatвs every bit as functional as it is cool. The contrasting leather, shearling, and zipper details of her jacket transform a basic outfit into a show-stopping look for snow days! Now that youвve learned the secrets to creating a cute and functional snow day outfit, check out our latest style articles to see the as well as the this year!