why do they call it a wife beater

a very tight, white tank top that is ribbed in texture. this style of shirt is usually found on overweight white guys hailing from the trailer courts. unmistakeable markings of bbq sauce or chew spit on the front and smelling of old style beer and excessive perspiration. the wearer can be found at any type of festival which involves his toothless relatives working the carnival rides.
The A-shirt aka Wife Beater provides maximum comfort when beating your wife.

A woman is pretty much defenseless if you have on a wife beater.

They fit snug to your body so they don't get snagged on things such as her nails and teeth.

They're also ribbed to help keep your abdomen at optimum temperature during the beating (new moisture-wicking wife beaters are also available! ).

Your arms are completely exposed so she can see your intimidating arms as they flail down on her.

You can get them in an assortment of colors. If you have never beat your wife wearing a wife-beater. you have never beat your wife. Order yours today!