why do u want to become a doctor

First, and foremost, your answer must be honest. It must stem from the truth that made you consider this field. The following is a list of common answers and reasons why most people choose to become a doctor. Each reason is followed by a good way to phrase your answer based on the reason. "IБve wanted to be a doctor for as long as I can remember. " Although it is awesome that you have had the same passion from childhood, you must approach this answer from an adult standpoint. It is not enough to have wanted this profession for so long. You need to explain why you continued desiring to become a doctor.

What has kept you interested? What has kept you motivated? What have you learned, or researched, that makes you continue to have this passion? Another thing, think back at what made you decide this in the first place (i. e. a kindergarden thought, career day at school, etc. ) then show, in detail, the happenings that made you continue to desire the medical field. You want to catch the personБs interest, not make them want to sleep. A family member (parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc. ) is a doctor. ThatБs great but what about them being a doctor really inspired you to become one?

Make this personal. Admissions will not be thrilled if it seems you were forced into the medical field by a family member. The treatment of your own illness, or a family memberБs illness, could be the factor. Be sure to explain the details that made you desire this field because of the care you received, not the illness. This is a good БsubБ reason. Do not let this be your main reason for getting into the field but elaborate how this enticed you further because of other reasons. You have a deep desire to help others. This reason is a great БbaseБ reason to become a doctor.

You must elaborate how the medical field was chosen to help others. There are many careers that helping people is the main concern but why did you choose the medical field instead of a different career? Science and Humanity. If your reason is the dualistic nature of medicine, explain each side. Explain what you have done, researched or seen that has interested you on the scientific side of medicine. Explain what you have done, researched or seen that has interested you on the humanity side of medicine. Explain why these are both important to you.
I started off thinking I wanted to go into Medicine because of my interest in Science and my fascination with the way in which the human body functions.

Now I think it runs deeper than that, when I was younger my Grandfather suffered from a heart attack, sadly he didn't survive. I think that this is ingrained in a part of me, I remember feeling so helpless, the ambulance took over an hour to get to us. My mum, dad and me (I was 10) went straight over, what I remember most specifically is that I was in the living room, on the phone to the 999 operator relaying instructions to my mum, who was in another room with my Granddad, who I think was unconscious at the time.

I blamed myself for a long time, thinking that he might have lived if I had given the instructions more clearly. This experience has made me want to be involved in a caring profession. I see it as an opportunity to help prevent families going through a similar situation. There are many other reasons that interest me, lifelong learning, the opportunity to teach and pass my skills onto others, but mostly, more than any other profession a true sense of being able to make a difference to the community.