why do u want to be a police officer

A new police officer gets grilled with a series of exams, the toughest one of all being the interview. A face-to-face interview for the Police Academy is very different than any of those you might have faced before. It is a daunting experience, for you have to answer all sorts of. After reading this article, you may be interested in reading the article,бБ. How does one answer the question, Б
Why do you want to become a police officer? You have the required commitment. You know how to deal with different types of people. You are socially competent. You are patient and tolerant. You perform well in stressful conditions. You have effective listening skills. You like working in a team environment. You have some qualities of leadership. You know how to initiate new ideas and to motivate people around you. And of course, you look for a challenging work environment. 1. б б You need to be confident in demeanor while entering the interview room and interacting with the interviewer.

Remember, the post requires a confident person who can stand up for causes and not budge. Maintain a firm posture and be assertive. 2. б б You cannot afford to go unprepared. You should be well acquainted with the workings of the police department you have applied for, the crime rate in the given area, the number of policemen assigned for patrolling per shift, etc. Be well informed and precise. 3. б б Although humor often helps an interviewee break the ice with the interviewer, in such an interview, it is a strict NO. Do not behave casually. Be straightforward and to-the-point. 4. б б Stay away from bragging about yourself for achievements that you havenБt done.

You should not lie about the skills you do not possess. However, you may divert the question to a topic of your interest. 5. б б б You should try to exhibit your strengths. To do so, you need to narrate instances where you have been able to utilize those strengths. No matter how small your achievements are, highlight them. For example, you may talk about the community bravery award that you got when you were in 7 б grade. 6. б б A police officer is required to be a good listener. He is one person who listens to orders, to peopleБs complaints and problems, and acts on it. So you need to be attentive while facing the questions. Another important point to remember is to maintain your calm even if the interviewer tries to instigate you. I love to help people. It is what I am good at anyway. I get joy when I can help people and make them smile.

I am a БfixerБ at heart. My own friends come to me for advice and help in dealing with their issues. I have always known that I wanted a career in an area where I can be a service to others; a direct service to others. Honestly, though, I never saw myself being a police officer. All through high school, I assumed I would go to college to go into social services, or become a counselor of some sort. It took a crazy incidence my senior year in high school to realize this was the field I was meant to be in. It was in October. I was walking home, with some friends, from a Varsity football game on a Friday night. About three blocks from my house, we saw flashing emergency lights and heard sirens. Of course, we were curious, so instead of taking a different way we went straight on to see what was going on.

A neighborБs house was blazing! It was crazy watching the firefighters try to control the fire. What really caught my eye though, were the police officers. Some were guarding and making sure no one entered the house or got too close but what was going on with the other officers and the family really took my attention and my heart! The youngest of their children couldnБt be found. The parents were panicked. Two officers calmed the parents and kept them from being too hysterical. Another, I could hear, was talking to someone else reporting the missing child. And yet, another was actually looking for the child in the crowd. The little girl was only 4 years old. The officer that was looking for the girl did finally find her. She was in a bush in the very front of the yard, crying. The officer held her close, reassuring her it was ok and that he was bringing her back to her mom and dad.

DonБt get me wrong, it was a wicked fire, and the firefighters did an amazing job. ItБs just, what took me, was how all of the police officers worked together. It really took a team effort to do all that they were doing. I realized then, that I really wanted to be part of a team like that. A team where we may have our own duties but we need to work together to help a situation. Even though, usually police officers are at the head of a situation; it seemed this force was working the real potential tragedy and bringing a happy part to a very unhappy situation. They helped not only the family, but the firefighters as well, by ensuring everyone elseБs safety. Now, becoming part of a team like this is my passion! Wish my story would help you!

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