why do plants need water to grow

Why Do Plants Need Water? Why do plants need water? The easy answer is, because they re
made mostly of water. But let s take it a little further Why Do Plants Need Water? Reason 1: Germination Germination is the process of a newborn plant emerging from its seed. A seed needs water to activate the enzymes that orchestrate the germination process. Absorbed water also causes the seed to swell and soften which makes it possible for the plant to break through. Why Do Plants Need Water? Reason 2: Photosynthesis The enzymes contained within each seed give it enough juice to push the sprouting plant to the surface. After it gets there, light energy, carbon dioxide and water take over.

Very generally put, photosynthesis (literally putting together or synthesizing light) produces food for the plant by combining light energy, carbon dioxide and water, each of which (along with nutrients from the soil) is needed in order for the plant to grow. Why Does a Plant Need Water? Reason 3: Nutrient transfer Water is a necessary conduit for the transfer of nutrients from the soil and into the root system. Without it, the soil s nutrients could not be absorbed by the plant. Why Does a Plant Need Water? Reason 4: Transpiration Often confused with and not completely dissimilar from evaporation, transpiration is the process of water being pulled in through the roots, up the stem and out of the plant.

It serves three main purposes: Causes nutrients and water to flow throughout the plant, thereby feeding and hydrating it Transpiration becomes evaporation the instant it leaves the surface of the plant and heads into the atmosphere. Was this page helpful? If so, please tell your friends about it with a Facebook like or via Twitter, Pinterest, email or good old fashioned word of mouth. Thank you for supporting our efforts! Also see. Sources: Definitions obtained from Grade Level: 3rd - 7th; Type: Determine whether plants will grow if they are watered with various liquids. The purpose of this experiment is to find out whether plants really need water to grow or whether they just need to be kept wet.

What is the purpose of a plant s roots? What types of nutrients do plants need in order to survive? Why do plants need water? What happens to a plant that does not get enough water? How do plants create energy? Plants need sunlight, nutrient rich soil and water to grow. Though the quality of the water has an effect on the plant s health, there are many plants that are able to grow even when they are given water that is polluted or that has some salt content. Most plants are unable to grow out of water that is as salty as the ocean, though there are a few varieties that can.

Water is not always in abundant supply, and when it comes down to making sure that people have enough to drink, sometimes plants are asked to go without. Farmers have turned to using brackish water, or water that has a low salt content, for their crops. Understanding what types of fluids plants can use can help scientists learn more about how to meet the needs of plants as well as people in times of draught. Seeds (green bean seeds work well because they grow quickly and are hardy. ) Label the containers, Water/Control, Milk, Juice, Cola, and Sports Drink. Fill the containers with potting soil. Plant three seeds in each of the pots as directed on the back of the seed package.

Measure out cup of water and give it to the plants in the Water/Control container. Measure out cup of milk and give it to the plants in the Milk container. Measure out cup of juice and give it to the plants in the Juice container. Measure out cup of cola and give it to the plants in the Cola container. Measure out cup of sports drink and give it to the plants in the Sports Drink container. Place the plants in a warm, sunny place outdoors or in a window. Repeat steps 4-8 every other day. Record the growth of the plants on a chart such as the one below. PLANT GROWTH CHART PLANT GROWTH CHART Terms/Concepts: References:

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