why do u s companies have goods produced in china

There are three keys to getting your product made in China : quality, price and delivery time. What brought you to the decision to manufacture your product in China may be price, but it must not be the sole factor that determines which supplier you choose. The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. There are many factories available who can make a product for a few cents less than the other guy. But if they can t deliver a
quality product on time, then the price becomes irrelevant.

If you negotiate a great price but get a container full of junk, you lose. This is why our primary focus in helping our customers get their products made in China is to locate a reliable factory that can deliver quality products on time. Our people in China do work hard at negotiating competitive prices for you; it s just that the price isn t the only consideration. Our approach isn t to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find a factory that will quote the price you want to hear at all costs.

Over the years, we ve seen that it s not uncommon for a China manufacturer to quote a lowball price to get an order, and then things start to go wrong. The product isn t delivered on time, or if it is, the quality doesn t meet the expectations of the customer. Or, in extreme cases, they manufacturer doesn t deliver at all. The company that imports a quality product at the best price with reliable delivery times, wins.

Those who focus on price alone take risks. Our role is to help you be a winner. Ready to get your product made in China? The next step is to provide us with information, prints, and/or a sample of your product. We ll take it from there, and show you how to manufacture in China every step of the way. Our and pages provide in-depth information on the process of getting your product made in China and how to import from China. to get yourб questions on how to import from China answeredб and learn how we canб start the process of getting your product made in China.

Unlike many other developing countries China has very good infrastructure; roads, rail, ports and airports that means that factories can import materials or parts both from other areas of china or all over the world easily. Similarly deliveries from the factory will reliably get to their final destination. In a world where western countries have moved as close to a вjust in timeв (not stockpiling goods in warehouses but providing for orders from the shops as they are needed) approach as they can they need reliability of supply.

As an example of chinaвs ongoing infrastructure investment by 2050 china aims to more than double its road network from 1. 7 million km to more than 4 million km, with the network of highways (motorways) also more than doubling from 35,000km to 75,000km. [[China maps out future road network, Xinhua, 22nd October 2002,