why do people get depressed on their birthday

Why do we celebrate birthdays? Its one thing that you celebrate the birth of someone new in your family-understandable, but then what??? If you have a large family then celebration comes natural because they remember you from birth. If you have a large group of friends (who can substitute as a sort of family), then celebration comes natural.

Otherwise i don`t think that celebration comes natural and if you have problems in your social life then it doesn`t feel so happy to be celebrating it. There are lots of other stuff that can be celebrated, so if you have a miserable birthday then the year has many other days on offer.

I tend to not care about holidays and birthdays since i don`t have any reason to be focused on them any more. They are days that just pass like all other days, maybe a thought that will help for those who are stuck with a bad birthday.
But the worst Facebook numbers game (at least for me) is how many people send birthday greetings.

I always send out birthday wishes figuring it takes just a few moments of time to bring a smile to someone's face, and while I know I shouldn't expect it in return, I do anyway. Each year I'm afraid to check Facebook until because I think I might jinx something.

Usually I get 100+ birthday wishes, which is nice, but still bugs me. Remember, depression is narcissistic. This year I discovered that only 36 out of my 600+ Facebook friends sent me birthday wishes. The sheer grief, the magnitude of self-hatred I felt in that moment sent me spiraling.

I wound up bawling in my Elaine's arms. It didn't matter that all of the most important people in my world called me nor did I care that Sienna was able to understand and wish me happy birthday for the first time in her life. Only 36 people sent me sent birthday greetings on Facebook!