why do we have a secret ballot

A of voting that ensures that all votes are cast in, so that the voter is not influenced by any other, and at the time of voting no one else knows who the voter. A secret ballot can be ensured in many different ways, primarily by using enclosed voting areas, or simply a place to
your answers that is far enough away from all other voters.

Secret ballots are used in virtually all Presidential elections, and can also be used in any other voting where the voters may to remain anonymous or from outside. What is meant by the term "secret ballot"?

What does the term "secret ballot" mean? A "secret ballot" occurs when a voter's choice in an election is kept anonymous. The "secret ballot" helps to prevent election fraud and various forms of intimidation. For instance, in a country with a powerful and violent leader, voters may face retribution if they vote for the opposition in anything other than a "secret ballot".

This could easily lead to voters casting their ballots for the current leader out of sheer intimidation. 1. Voters arrive at a local polling place. 2.

Voters are "checked in" by volunteers. Voters are asked to show some sort of photo ID - this is done to prevent election fraud. 3. Voters are then directed to a table or booth where their actions are shielded from everyone else in the room. 4. Voters cast their votes on a piece of paper and then put their votes into a locked box.

Their names are nowhere to be found on the votes that they just have cast. By handling things in this fashion, votes are kept completely anonymous. Davemanuel. com Articles That Mention Secret Ballot:

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