why do they burn the man at burning man

A. In Nevada, there is a saying: if you don t like the weather, stick around for five minutes and it will change. Only one thing is completely predictable about the weather in the Black Rock Desert: Unpredictability. Be prepared for volatile extremes, and ready for anything and everything. Come with ample shade producing shelter, warm clothes and sleeping gear, and lots of water.

Please read our. Temperatures by day have been known to exceed 100 degrees. Pre-dawn temperatures can approach freezing. Thunderstorms and dust storms arise with breathtaking swiftness, transforming the playa into a gigantic mud puddle in a matter of moments. Winds are often 20-30 mph under normal conditions, and winds from 40-70mph can be felt during a storm.

You are advised to secure your tent, shade structure and loose items in preparation for this possibility. We encourage you to visit:
for valuable information about creating a weather-worthy campsite. Rebar is your best friend! While the weather in late August/early September is usually warm, it can be downright arctic.

Participants at Burning Man have witnessed many freezing-ass-cold evenings and daytime temperatures in the mid-70s. In 1999, many longtime participants found themselves unprepared for a week s worth of high winds and low temperatures. When it comes to the weather at Burning Man, it s much better to be over-prepared.

BLACK ROCK CITY, Nev. PThisPfestival'sPeponymous Burning Man did just that on Saturday night asP70,000 people in thePNevada desert said farewell to days of dust and freewheeling living. Cheers and screams echoed across this land normally devoid of nearly all life as Burning Man'sP60-foot "Man" burned to the ground with a little help from his friends:Pfireworks and explosions.

For the past week, people from around the world have made thePannual pilgrimage to build thePevent'sPtemporaryPcity far from civilization,Pand to close it out by burningPartwork and related paraphernalia. The burning of the Man Saturday nightPwas followed by a ceremony led by fire dancers as festival attendees crowded around.