why do we need a digestive system

The digestive system enable people to absorb nutrients from the food that they eat. The digestive system starts at the mouth with teeth breaking down food into basically bite
sized chunks, enzymes in saliva assist int he process; other teeth assist to make break the food particles into smaller pieces which are then swallowed. Food then passes through the stomach, small and large intestine on the way out.

Different portions of food and liquid are absorbed by the different portions of the systems as the food is processed. Without a properly functioning digestive system we would end up with nutrient disorders or at worst starve to death. Answer 5: For humans, and most highly organized animals such as birds, mammals, and mostly other animals, the digestive system is the most important part of the system.

We have something called a complete gut (we have a mouth and an anus). When we eat our food it travels down the esophagus down to our stomach and intestines. In the small intestine 90% of our food is absorbed back into our body. If we didn't have a digestive system the food wouldn't be absorbed the way we need it to be for bodily functions.

We needs nutrients, such as vitamins and proteins to carry out functions. Most primitive animals did not have a digestive system or a complete gut, but they lived because their structures are so far less advanced that they didn't need a proper digestive system. Another reason is that we eat a lot of different types of food which need to be broken down.

Our digestive system allows us to eat the variety of foods because it can break down the foods and then absorb essential nutrients back into our bodies. You hair, skin, nails, body weight, body structure, strength, and overall health mostly comes from the food you eat, which is why it is very important to eat healthy.

The food we eat is our fuel and if we eat the wrong "fuel", such as chips, donuts, and other excessive sugars and bad carbohydrates, our digestive system doesn't have the right nutrients to absorb back into our bodies. Our digestive system is very critical in our overall health. Click to return to the search form.