why do sikhs not cut their hair

Q: Why do Sikhs keep hair? A: This question is frequently asked, Why do you keep hair? Hair is a gift from God, therefore why should anyone give it away by cutting it? Hair is one of the five articles of faith for. Sikhs live the way God made humans and never cut their hair. For Sikhs hair is the symbol of love for God and the respect for everything He has given us. The way God made us is the most beautiful of all. Just by keeping hair one cannot become One with God. To become One with God, one must do good deeds, meditate on God, to grow in spirituality, and make a connection with God. Hair are a part of Sikh identity which keeps a Sikh focused on his or her objective to be One with God. When a Sikh looks at his unshorn hair he/she is constantly reminded of their beliefs and the desire to be One with God.

Hair is a part of Sikh lifestyle which helps Sikhs to be focused
and grow in spirituality. One argument often discussed is that if you do not cut your hair, it keeps growing and will eventually reach the ground. Sikhs never cut their hair and it does not touch the ground, their eyebrows grow to a specific length, their mustaches grow to a specific length, and their beard stops at a specific length. Our body has a natural way of shedding and regenerating hair, thus after a period of time, hair seems to stay at a consistent length. Once the hair reaches its specific length, it stops growing, falls off and new hair grows in it's place. Hair will always grow to a specific length depending on the individual, may it be 12 inches, 30 inches, or 48 inches depending on the genes.

Millions of Sikhs do not cut their hair and their hair grows to a specific length depending on their individual characteristics. Sikhs have been keeping their hair unshorn for centuries and know this fact for real. Sikhs are not to use razors or any other such devices on their bodies from the time of birth, for they do not cut their hair from any part of their bodies. In order to keep hair neat and clean, Sikhs roll the hair on the top of their head. The hair is then covered by different types of turbans. From the scientific point of view, keeping hair is practical because hair has many functions. It traps an insulating layer of still air just outside the skin, and thereby keeping the head cool in summer and warm in winters.

Furthermore, hair absorbs harmful ultra violet radiations from the sun and reduces skin cancer. In addition, hair follicles can make androgenic hormones. Axillary hair provides larger surface area for evaporation of sweat. Although Sikhs do not need scientific explanations to keep hair, it is important to note that scientific explanations do indeed exist. Related Information
Dishonouring oneБs hair is one of the four cardinal sins, which the Guru has told a Sikh never to commit. A Sikh doesnБt disfigure their hair from head to toe because Guru jee told us to keep sanctity of Kesh (hair). Nothing else matters. A Sikh does what their Guru told them to do.

БO mother, True, True True is the Lord, and True, True, True is the Guru. The Word, which the Perfect Guru has spoken, I have tied to my robe. 1 Pause Б A Sikh lives in harmony with God s Divine Will and blessings. God has given us the gift of the human body. The hair is special due to the fact that Naam abides within each and every pore of hair on the body. So when we Naam Jap (meditate on the Lord) the hair is a spiritual tool, which vibrates and absorbs Naam. БOn each and every hair, the Lord abides. Б БThe Gurmukh meditates on the Lord with every hair of his body. Б Bhai Desa Singh, records in a Rehitnaama the words of Guru Gobind Singh jee: БGod created the whole universe and then he fashioned the human body.

He gave men beard, moustaches and hair on the head. He who submits to His Will steadfastly adheres to them. They who deny His Will how will they find God in this world? Б In addition, hair and nails are totally different. Having long nails inhibits use of the hand and is dirty with filth being stuck under the nails as well as bacteria. Long hair is quite healthy as it is even a reflection of good health: (when healthy, hair shines, when sick, it loses lustre), it is also not an impediment to daily life. In fact, you ll be healthier if you have long hair: body resources go to replacing the hair that was cut: isn t it a slap on the face when you shave and then a day later, the hair returns? Nails, if left uncut, will break; hair never will.