why do they add two weeks to pregnancy

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Quoting mamamamamamam: " im still confused lol. so am i REALLY only 36 weeks 2 days today and not 38 weeks 2 days" Don't be confused. They give you your due date and that is about 2 weeks before you actually conceived.

That counts the time your lining was building up and the egg was released. But if you subtract aprox 2 weeks from your due date then you would get your aprox conception date.

So you have a due date and a conception date. But in America they just go of your due date so don't worry about the other stuff :) The clearblue digital will only show how pregnant you are since ovulation because it'seasuring the hcg in your system, and obviously theres isn't any before ovulation, which is why when doctors date you at first the add 2 weeks onto what the CBD says to effectively date you from the first day of your cycle.

When you have a scan, your dates will change dependant on when you ovulated.

I don't ovulate until around day 21, so I'd be classed as being 5 weeks pregnant when I find out, whereas if you ovulate earlier than day 14, you'll be around 3 weeks pregnant (according to doctors dates) when you find out.


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