why do shoes squeak when i walk

Sprinkle some powder in your shoes. Sometimes squeaking may be caused by friction between your insoles and shoe soles. You can use baby powder, talcum, or corn starch to address squeaking due to friction. If your shoe has a removable liner, take it out and sprinkle corn starch, talcum, or baby powder on the bottom of the shoe.

Then, place the liner back in and see if it fits more snugly. These powders can reduce moisture, resulting in less motion between the liner and the shoe. If your shoes are squeaking when you walk across a tile or wood surface, then you can also try applying a bit of powder to the bottoms of your shoes.

Just be careful when you walk because applying powder to the bottoms of your shoes can reduce the traction of your shoes, so it may be easier to slip and fall.
I have a pair of pretty nice shoes that I love, except when I'm going to work!

We have hard linoleum-style flooring in most places, and carpet only in the office area where I work. When I have to go to another area, my shoes squeak very loudly.

I have tried for this problem, but to no avail. The squeak is coming from the shoe to the ground; I tested this by taking my insoles out and walking, and the squeak was still there. My shoes are thoroughly dry, and there are no rocks or things stuck between the few lines it has on the bottom.

The warranty period has passed, and I only started recently wearing them more than once a month. What can I do to stop the squeaking, and annoying co-workers?