why do we make holes in hoardings

air exerts pressure I know the answer to this question because I used to be a sign painter and also paint banners. The holes are to prevent the wind from blowing the sign, banner or hoarding down. so the wind goes though it.

There's actually a law that states how many holes must be present --depending on the size of the banner/hoarding/sign. It's for safety and insurance purposes. to prevent people from getting hurt.

Even if the banner--which is light fabric. were to blow--say onto a freeway or road. it could cause a traffic accident. so see what I mean? That's why there's the holes.
Just tell them the truth: you did it, it was an accident, and you're really sorry.

Lying, or shifting the blame, or trying to minimize your responsibility, will only make them more annoyed. People appreciate it when someone admits that they did something wrong and takes responsibility for it.

If it's a really big hole, they'll probably still be pretty mad. But they'll be much more mad if you try to lie about it or deny your responsibility for it.

What's done is done; you can't repair the hole yourself. They're going to find out, one way or another. So you can either confess and have them be angry at you, or deny it and have them be even MORE angry at you for lying.