why do the tips of my fingers keep going numb

The nerves in your body are responsible for transmitting
messages to and from your brain. If the nerves are compressed, damaged, or irritated, numbness can occur. Examples of conditions known to cause finger numbness include: This condition occurs when the nerve that provides feeling to your hand becomes pinched or obstructed. This condition often causes numbness in the index and middle fingers as well as the thumb. This occurs when a nerve that leaves your neck becomes inflamed or compressed.

This condition can cause numbness thatвs similar to carpal tunnel syndrome. This is also known as a pinched nerve. A condition called diabetic neuropathy can lead to nerve damage in the feet as well as the hands. The feet are usually the first to have numbness. This condition causes the small arteries in your fingers to spasm, or open and close very fast. This can cause numbness and affect your circulation. An autoimmune disorder that causes swelling, tenderness, and pain in the joints.

The condition can also lead to tingling, numbness, and burning in the hands. Carpal tunnel syndrome affects the median nerve in the arm, but ulnar nerve entrapment affects the ulnar nerve that runs on the little fingerвs side of the arm. This most commonly causes numbness in the pinkie and ring fingers. side effects of medications, such as chemotherapy drugs Hansenвs disease, or leprosy What is the history of HIV, and when was HIV discovered?

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