why do we love those who hurt us

Well, sometimes, it usually seems like that person was a good person before, and they filled the void in your heart that was always empty. Once they leave, you feel empty and alone again. You feel as if no one is there for you anymore.

I have been through this feeling, and I still feel it right now. I question why they have left, what I have done wrong, things like that. I try to make up reasons for them to speak to me, but to no avail. Mostly, you usually go back to those people because you're stuck in the past when they have loved you and you deny the fact that they no longer enjoy your company.

You keep reminiscing, not being able to find someone else to replace that person.
well, we love them for the times we DON T hate them. love turns to hate when the hate is not addressed correctly or gotten over, and when hate continues on a regular basis.

Then love turns to hate.

But there will always be some stupid random thing which breaks the ice fo hate between you out of nowhere, and it feels like those times when you are crying and something cracks you up and you don t want to laugh but can t help it.

Only, your heart is ice. but then it s like someone strikes a match and it melts. Something causes the both of you to let your guards down, and you realize that you need each other more than you need to be right.