why do my wipers only work on high

Glad to have found this forum. Wipers on front of my B5 stopped working on low and intermittent speeds, only high is working (washing liquid dispense also works. )
I checked the forum and people seem to suggest a relay change.

I did that but the same problem persists. My question is: where should I try next, e. g. wiper stalk or wiper motor? Thank you in advance! Update 18/11; Wiper problem solved - turns out wiper motor has been faulty. New problem occurred though: I connected the wiper socket the wrong way round which blew the wiper fuse.

I changed the fuse and wiper worked but the car will not start. It cranks okay but won't start, I wonder what else did I blew up. can anyone offer any advice please?

Many thanks!!! After some further research, I would probably check all the connections to the wiper motor assembly. My description of the system says that when the switch is turned off from ANY position, it should finish the current cycle and park.

Also, based on some other posts I have seen here, it could be possible that there are broken or loose solder joints inside the wiper motor control box.

Oh yeah - make sure you check the Pontiac TransSport and Montana forums too. They are basically the same van as the Venture, just different options trim packages. That may be where I saw the posts about the wiper motor issues. Take Care,