why do we love dogs so much

You donвt have to tell dog lovers the feeling is both mutual (and very real), but a new study published in the journal Science reveals the fascinating reason why we feel so close to our furry companions: When humans and dogs look into each otherвs eyes, both get a boost of the, which is the same hormone behind the special bond between.
Let s face it, there s a reason they say DOGS are human s best friend Don t worry, your secret is safe with us! Here s are 14 undeniable signs that you prefer the company of pups to people! 1.

You hate it when people walk slowly in front of you, but you d gladly let your pup stop, sniff, and stare at anything and everything. Just gotta let them enjoy every moment! 2. PYou d cuddle your dog over any human companion any day, no contest. P Their fluffy bodies make the best pillows. 3. When you meet a new baby, you smile and say AWW, but when you meet a new pup, you squeal, jump up and down, and spew outPunintelligible words of affection. #cuteaggression Nothing is cuter than a baby dog.

Not even a baby human. Not even close. 4. If your dog doesn t like the date you brought home, you refusePto ask them on a second date. No questions asked. Dogs are great judges of character. They just know. 5. Most of your friends and acquaintances have dogs. P You probably met them at the dog park. 6. You d give almost anything to work at an office that allows employees to bring their pets.

P It s a workplace requirement, not a perk. 7. You would never watch someone sleep (creepy! ) but you could spend hours watching your pup sleep. Their little smushy faces and dripping drool are just so cute though! 8. Your dog s toys, accessories, and clothes are probably worth more than your own wardrobe. P And that s not even factoring in the amount of money you ve spent on OTHER people s dogs. 9.

Your social life depends primarily on your dog s eating and potty schedule. P Can t get to the after-work partyPat 5 P. M. , gotta let the pooch out. 10. You need a calendar reminder for your friends birthdays, but you don t havePany trouble remembering your pooch s. Got to get them that pupcake to celebrate, of course. 11. Forget Netflix and Hulu, your sources of entertainment are multi-bookmarked live puppy cams. P Hours and hours of entertainment.

Hours. 12. You re pretty sure that this Halloween, they ll be the cutest dressed-upPkid on the block. P No human child can match for this four-legged epitome of cuteness! 13. You d rather share a nice cold (doggy) drink with your dog than go out. No one has time for fake laughing and small talk with people you barely know. This is true friendship. 14. PAs long as your dog is happy, you are happy. P And that s all that matters! Featured Image via