why do we like the smell of our farts

Why Is This Important? Because everyone likes their own flavor. The folks at AsapSCIENCE explore why we re a-ok with the smell of our own farts, why we don t like the smell of others and why silent but deadly farts really do smell worse. , for being a kind of gross biological function, is pretty fun. If you haven t ripped a big one to the chagrin of your parents or significant other, you have not lived. In fact, breaking wind is so comical to so many people that fart jokes is its own category. But why are we so obsessed with passing gas, and why are we repulsed by others yet not bothered by our own?

That s the subject of the latest video from the. If you can t watch the video, here s the gist. For starters, you
do prefer your own farts over others, and probably don t even mind them research has confirmed this. Every person s bacterial makeup is unique, and our noses recognize and become accustomed to our own. But everyone s had those behemoths that smell really, really bad (even to you). They make you wonder if something s wrong in your guts, and you may be onto something: It s believed that the reason we find is an evolutionary adaptation to avoid disease (yes, farts can spread disease, or at least they could when we lived naked).

But not everyone hates the smell of. Aversion to farts varies by age, gender and culture, and people who are more anxious and socially conservative tend to be more sensitive to stink. Another reason your own farts don t bother you is anticipation you know it s coming, so your brain can prepare itself for the smell. That s why the dreaded silent but violent farts smell the worst. Without even an audible clue to prepare, the smell hits unannounced. Just another one of life s little mysteries, explained by science.

Is there something wrong with people who don t mind farts? Good to know, from now on I ll announce it to the room whenever I have to rip one. Fart jokes have existed since at least 1900 BC. In fact, a Sumerian quip about a woman farting in her husband s lap is the world s oldest recorded joke. Farts are weird. It seems perfectly fine when we let one rip, despite the stink bomb it may be. We can tolerate our own, but if someone else cuts the cheese? Aw, heck no. Theirs is unbearable. Okay, we know what youБre thinking: БGross, this is science?

Б and БShoot, how did they know? Б Yes, and we just do because weБve all been there. Farting is a perfectly normal (and necessary) function of our glorious human bodies. Gas builds up in our intestines for a number of reasons. It could be from inadvertently swallowing too much air, the by-products of bacteria that live in our gut and help us digest food, or chemical reactions in the gut. All of that gas has to be let out somehow. Basically, itБd be weird if you didnБt pass gas at all! Leave it to AsapSCEINCE to help answer some of lifeБs most pressing questions in a way that doesnБt stink.

In the video, they suggest that we may БpreferБ the smell of our own farts because itБs both familiar and contains a genetic signature that is unique to each of us. Interestingly, your tolerance to farts in general are based on other factors such as age, culture, and personality as well. Check out AsapSCIENCEБs video above for more. Stephanie Lee is a nomadic writer with a Sriracha problem. Visit her blog at for her lighter takes on fitness and her shenanigans. You can also follow her on and.