why do my veins show on my chest

When Is Visible Veins a Serious Condition? If you experience any of the following, arrange to see a healthcare professional as soon as possible:
Veins are red-colored, swollen, very sore or warm upon touching. Veins have started to bleed. It changes in the color or texture of the skin. You experience sores or rashes on the skin. The condition is causing you considerable distress. You have painful varicose veins, particularly if you have other symptoms. Note on Varicose Veins Varicose veins are not a serious issue for most patients and wonБt cause long-term complications.

However, if you do require treatment, your doctor may suggest first wearing compression stockings. If the veins are causing other health difficulties, you may need surgery. Although preventing varicose veins is difficult, some steps can ease your symptoms: DonБt stand or sit still for long periods Б try and move around every hour. Place your legs on a pile of pillows and/or keep them elevated.

Take regular exercise to improve blood circulation, as well as aid weight loss. I don't think this is a skin problem, per se, but I also don't know how I would classify it. What causes your skin to become more transparent or translucent, so that you can see your veins more clearly? These are not the reddish purplish spider veins, nor are they the palpatable, raised varicose veins. This is a situation that has just been noticed for the past few months. I know certain conditions/situations that can cause it such as dieting down, low carbohydrate diets, low body fat,. but the vascularity that presents with these conditions are different in appearance.

This is more like. the skin pigment or something is getting clear -- and the veins, while they cannot be felt and are NOT very close to the surface, as they would be in spider veins, they ARE, however, quite visible, as if looking at them through a few layers of celophane or glass or something? This is apparent mostly on the legs, including tops of thighs and calves, not just back of the legs, breasts, arms (medially and laterally), forearms, etc.

If I pinch my skin I get dark purple/red blood blister type things quite easily (don't know if that's related but it's a detail anyway). I'm a pretty vascular person because I do have a pretty good amount of muscle, -- but this is different. Any thoughts? I almost feel like I wish I could just go to a tanning booth (the non UV type, maybe the spray on type! ). and that's a possibility because I've also been almost totally out of the sun this year, and generally I spend SOME time outdoors, and this is the first year I stopped practically living in shorts.

Is it possible that after a year I'm just finally seeing what my legs look like without a tan? I can't imagine that though,. just trying to think of parallels. Life isn't what happens to you -- it's how you react to it! Thoughts don't make us who we are -- Actions do.