why do scottish men wear kilts without underwear

What do Scotsmen wear under kilts, apart from their kilt shoes? What's worn under kilts has to be the most frequently asked question I have ever heard in relation to Is it a myth that Scotsmen don't wear underwear beneath their kilts? Or could this really be true? For many people it seems inconceivable that wearers walk around naked beneath their kilts. And if it is true, how did such a tradition originate? These are a few of the most popular questions I hear while wearing my kilt. So here's my definitive answer to these questions! Many many Scottish Highlanders, of which I'm one, don't wear anything under kilts.

The major reason as far as I'm concerned, is that wearing a kilt without underwear is unbelievably comfortable. The sense of freedom that you experience, could not be more natural, especially when you compare it to the restraints of trousers (pants). I have never actually worn a kilt with underwear beneath it, for me it would be totally unthinkable. So how did this much talked about tradition, become so popular amongst Scottish Highlanders? Well it started with the Scottish Highland Regiments, and found it's way into the civilian population.

This is where the terms "going regimental" or "going commando" originated. And to this day Scottish soldiers retain this tradition, anyone who would like photographic evidence of this should follow the link to the page entitled
When asked their kilts, many people come back with replies such as, "nothing is worn, its all in perfect working order" or "my and The most popular kilt shoe being the So what about decency I hear you ask, and that is a valid question.

When wearing a kilt without underwear, it is vitally important that you learn to sit in your kilt without losing your dignity. That is, always ensure that you smooth the pleats of the kilt beneath you as you sit down, and while sitting keep your knees together. You can also if you wish, use the weight of your to ensure that the apron of your kilt is always between your legs, when sitting with your knees apart. By doing so you will always retain your dignity, and avoid embarrassment to yourself or others. I trust this page has answered your questions regarding kilts and underwear, but if you still have any, please feel free to drop me a line using the page. jockosjungle. chances are some underwear wouldn t have been included.

Whilst it s true that the the old crofter may not have provided Tintin with new underpants, Tintin s own underpants probably weren t that badly damaged in the bramble bush the night before, compared to his outer clothing, so he probably just wears them under the kilt. Of course, this would mean he d be wearing the same underpants for three days running (he s been up all night the night before) but, if you think about it, this is pretty normal for him - many of the Tintin adventures involve him going for several days and nights without changing his underpants or socks.

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