why do people choose to be single

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I find it hard to imagine there's a man out there who's mature and awesome enough to take on me and my four kids. He'd have to have a big heart. to pay our bills. I'm not averse to meeting someone who is worth it, I just don't have the time or energy to look for him at the expense of my kids or my job. " Why do some men stay single? Why would someone refrain from getting married? When analyzing something from a psychological point of view it's very important to understand that there is always more than one cause behind the same behaviour.

Two men could have decided to stay single for totally different reasons and so that only way to understand a person fully is to find out which of those reasons is perfectly aligned with his personality (See also ). In this article i am going to point out the most popular reasons that could motivate a man to stay single for long periods of time or even forever. People who think that relationships are the most important thing in life, usually women, can fail to understand this point. Some people consider relationships a second priority or even a fourth.

Those people usually have very important goals in life that they don't want any distractions (See ). Love addicts are the people who can hardly live while being single as they depend on relationships to feel good. People who are not love addicts can stay single for long periods of time without feeling bad as a result (see also ). Some people remain single because they have someone in mind that they want to be with. While an ordinary person will just give up if they realized that the relationship won't work some others remain single as they live on the hope of succeeding in attracting the person they want (see ).

Some people, especially men, don't like having children and they consider them a distraction. Those people usually stay single for longer periods of time as they find no urgency in rushing towards a relationship (See also Some people stay single for long periods of time because they can't find what they are looking for. Those people are usually much more persistent than others as the pressure of time and friends fails to let them lower their standards (See ).

Some men on the other hand stay single because they aren't successful in dating. Of course those people usually never admit that fact publicly because it hurts those egos. Those people usually try to find any excuse to say when asked about that (See also ). Commitment phoebes usually stay single for very long periods of time as they fear getting into relationships. Some commitment phoebes get so close to getting into a relationship then quickly run away whenever they feel that things are about to get serious (See ).

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