why do my towels smell after washing

I originally thought it was because I wasnt drying them quickly enough, ie leaving them in the washing machine after washing finished and then only remembering a few hours later to tumble dry them. I thought it was the slow drying process as thats what happens with clothes, if they dont dry quickly enough (indoors- im in a flat)they smell of. wee (sorry! ) You know the smell I mean - like when an umbrella hasnt dried out properly. anyway, stop rambling.

I cant use fabric conditioner - only surcare due to eczema. My towels are fairly thick and Ive tried drying them on the radiators and immediately in tumble drier. Any suggestions? I must sound mad!
I ll tell you how I solved this problem once and for all; I picked up a bamboo towel (yes, bamboo). Bamboo is, of course, a very hard wood.

Once shredded into a fiber however, it can be woven into any of several very soft textile items including a bath towel with a lofty, terrycloth weave. Bamboo is essentially antimicrobial, and some species grow so fast up to 4 per day (yes, that s four feet per day! ) making it the most renewable natural resource on the planet. So, will this really solve my stinky towel problem? , you ask.

Here are the specifics of my situation: I wouldn t even THINK about using a cotton towel more than once. 1) It would smell utterly disgusting the second time around, and 2) After the first use, when it dried, any cotton towel I used dried like plywood. With the bamboo towel, on the other hand, I m able to use the same towel every day for several weeks! (That may sound a little disgusting to some of you but I look at it this way, when I step out of that shower, every inch of my body is CLEAN, therefore, by my reasoning, the towel should stay clean and should really be good to use for even months between washings. ) In my experience, there is NO ODOR AT ALL with a bamboo towel no matter how many times I ve used it.

You can buy these towels (and many other products of a bamboo derivative) at cariloha. com for a whopping $69 or, get what looks to be the same thing on amazon. com for as low as $19. 99.

The only thing you may not like about the bamboo towel is that it isn t as absorbent as 100% cotton (chemically, bamboo is about the same as Rayon). I d say the bamboo is maybe 70-80% as absorbent as 100% cotton. I can certainly live with that to get rid of that rancid smell!