why do some seeds float on water

I do it exactly as you ve been doing it. Except I add (1) step,
after they ve sunk I put them in a moist paper towel ( I don t waste my time on the ones that haven t sunk ), and put that in a zip-top bag ( making sure all(or)most of the air is out ), and back on-top of the water heater. I can get seeds to germinate 36 to 48 hours. If there not sprouts by then I let them go for another 24. if they don t sprout in 72 hours I toss them.

The way I see it is seeds that sprout with in a 48 hour window are going to be healthy plants. Why I like to do it that way- You can see the root growth, then I class sprouts as to there length of growth. It helps me in deciding where to put that sprout ( space is at a premium ) usually the sprouts with long root growth are the taller faster growing plants.

Some-times those sprouts are males ( if you have non-fem. seeds I use distilled water in my germination. I don t know if it helps or makes any difference. Thats just how I roll The next time I germinate I m going to make a Willow Tree solution. I read about taking willow tree branches and cutting them up into 2-3 inch pieces and letting them simmer ( not Boil ) in a pot of warm water for a few hours.

Theres a chemical in the willow tree the promotes rooting. The Willow Tree solution was intended for cloning, but why not try it for germination. I read that when saving seeds like tomato seeds one should discard all the seeds that float after fermenting them. I was wondering if the same test would apply to seeds out of a store bought package.

If you drop them in a dish of water should you discard all the ones that don't sink as not being viable? And does this apply to all seeds. I notice none of my pepper seeds sink, but it could be because they appear to have a waxy coating on them. But I do know I put eight tomato seeds in water before I planted them and six sunk and two floated.

After six days of waiting only six tomato seeds sprouted. Trouble is I mixed them up when planting them and don't remember which was which. None of the pepper seeds has come up yet, but pepper seeds usually take longer than tomato seeds to sprout anyway. Anyone else ever try the sink or float test and what did you observe as far a germination?