why do we give foreign aid to egypt

The House and Senate are set to unveil a year-long spending bill that will loosen restrictions on U. S. aid to Egypt and negate the law that prevents the U. S. from funding a foreign military that has conducted a coup against a democratically elected government.

The Obama administration has been lobbying Congress for permission to give the aid to the Egyptian government. Several senior senators had been working to make sure that aid was conditioned on the Egyptian government pursing a path toward democracy and respect for the rule of law.
Less understandable are the lobbying groups that advertise themselves as pro-peace, champions of dialogue and conversation, but share the same bottom line on military aid for Israel as their overtly hawkish counterparts.

For instance, J Street ( pro-Israel and pro-peace ), a Washington-based nonprofit which bills itself as a moderate alternative to the powerhouse lobbying outfit, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), both robust military aid and any on offer from Washington to the Israeli Defense Forces.

Americans for Peace Now similarly that Washington should provide robust assistance to ensure Israel s qualitative military edge.

At the risk of sounding literal-minded, any group plumping for enormous military aid packages to a country acting as Israel has is emphatically not pro-peace.

It s almost as if the Central America solidarity groups from the 1980s had demanded peace, while lobbying Washington to keep funding the Contras and the Salvadoran military.