why do my toes itch and burn

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A burning sensation in your feet may be caused by in the legs, also called neuropathy. Although many medical conditions can cause, is the most common. Most burning feet treatments focus on preventing further and reducing pain. Most often, neuropathy is the cause of burning feet. Damaged nerve fibers are more likely to become overactive and misfire. The damaged nerves send pain signals to the even though there is no wound. In most people with neuropathy, the leg nerves become damaged first. These people often have tingling and numbness in the feet as well. Many people complain that their feet are overly sensitive to touch (hyperesthesia) and can have varying degrees of burning pain.

It can range from mild to disabling. abuse are by far the most common causes of neuropathy in the legs. Many other conditions can cause neuropathy or a burning sensation in the feet: Vitamin deficiency (, folate, and occasionally hormone levels ( Drug side effects, including drugs, vitamin B6 overdose, medicines, and others Heavy metal poisoning (lead, mercury, arsenic) ( of Besides neuropathy, infections and of the feet can also cause a burning sensation. The most common of these is, an infection of the caused by fungus. (PAD) also commonly causes burning feet. The poor circulation of to the feet may frequently, tingling, and burning feet, especially while walking.

Weeks or months after, some people experience a burning feet sensation. Poor absorption of B after can cause neuropathy in the legs and a sensation of burning feet. Most people who have burning feet have a likely cause (such as ) that can be identified. For these people, the diagnosis of burning feet due to neuropathy is straightforward, and additional testing is not needed. In a few people whose burning sensation is sudden, rapidly worsening, or has no explainable cause, further testing may be needed to make a correct diagnosis. These tests may include: (EMG). A test of muscle function using recordings of electrical activity inside the muscles.

A probe may be placed on the skin, or a needle may be inserted into the muscle, for an EMG test. Nerve conduction study. A nerve conduction study tests the ability of nerves to transmit impulses. A nerve is stimulated, and the response in the muscle controlled by that nerve is measured. Laboratory tests. Sometimes, tests of blood, urine, or spinal fluid may be suggested to help diagnose the cause of burning feet. Vitamin levels can be checked with a simple blood test. Nerve. Very rarely, a doctor may suggest cutting out a piece of nerve tissue and examining it under a microscope. There are a number of possible causes for such a problem, depending on your ages and whatnot.

It could just be a toe sprain with damage to the ligaments - you mentioned about wearing enclosed shoes could have damaged it? But if you were them quite regularly probably less likely. Or more serious could be an allergic reaction, use of a different washing powder/liquid or whatever, different sock/tights brand. Could be an infection, whether bacterial of fungal (atheletes foot for example). If it is inflammed then it suggests an immune response to something your body doesn t like, so will be doing its best to get rid of it. If you find a cut in or around your swollen area then that is your most likely cause. If you find you get cramping in your legs/feet could be that the veins in your legs aren t pumping the blood in your legs/feet very well and you get a pool of blood in your lower limbs, which could lead to swollen toes.

Could be gout, which is painful crystallised uric acid deposits in the joints in your body, more commonly the feet and hands. Thrombosis another possbility, which is a blood clot in the foot. Could be an insect bite. If you are taking medications certain ones can have side effects, and that be the cause. If the symptoms don t ease up in a few days you should speak to your GPs. Alternatively NSAIDs (non-steriodal anti-inflammatory drugs) such as aspirin or ibuprofen will clear up the inflammation almost right away.