why do people want to visit paris

Culture: Theater, Film and Music
French culture is as thick and complex as the language, and theater, film and music are significant components. No trip to Paris is complete without a visit to the Palais Garnier, visited as often for its beauty (including the world-famous Chagall painting on the Opera Room ceiling) as it is for its grand performances of ballet, symphony and opera.

For cinema aficionados, the Cinematheque Francaise (known to tourists as the Museum of French Cinema) offers one of the largest film archives in existence. Film collections and cinema memorabilia span beyond French culture to include all film-producing countries of the world.

Music is another omnipresent part of Parisian life, with festivals and street performers constantly populating the city streets. The Cite de la Musique is a Paris attraction dedicated to music s historical and current significance.

With antique instrument collections and musical artifacts, the Cite de la Musique offers an entertaining and educational experience. If for no other reason, Paris should be visited at least once because of the sheer variety of experiences that you can enjoy during a trip.

Like London or New York, Paris is a city of contrasts, from the high romance of dining and culture, through to the bohemian sections of the city, and the boutique shopping and world class food that can be enjoyed while staying.

Paris is also easy to travel around by subway, and is one of the most accessible cities in Europe. Anyone interested in the rich history of Paris can also get to grips with the many different settlements and arrondissements. Some more general reasons for a visit to Paris include: