why do people boo at the nba draft

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver got a strange response when he opened the NBA Draft the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York applause. This breaks an annual tradition of the draft crowd booing the NBA Commissioner, something former Commissioner David Stern grew to accept and even relish.

After Silver s decisive action during the Donald Sterling scandal his popularity is extremely high, and the crowd rewarded him.

He didn t totally escape jeers, however. When Silver mentioned the San Antonio Spurs and the Cleveland Cavaliers, the pro-New York crowd showered down boos.

The boos weren t for you, Mr. Commissioner.
The NBA is sometimes accused of being deaf to criticism, and holding last night s draft in the arena recently abandoned by the new Brooklyn Nets seems like an invitation to belligerence.

But it s not just Nets fans who have beef with commissioner David Stern, and. The result? Lots of booing every time Stern came up on stage to announce draft picks last night.

Here s all of the boosвnearly five minutes worthвas a reminder of how very unpopular David Stern is at this point in his tenure. [ESPN]

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