why do my toes cramp and curl up

Hi everyone! I had surgery for ruptured L4/L5 about 8 years ago. I do fairly well pain wise most of the time with only occasional flair up if I ask to much, but I've noticed when I do have the occasional drop foot on my right side the toes all curl under. I am new to spine-health and logged in to see if anyone else had this Wierd symptom
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If there are any questions, you can always post them here, send Liz or myself a private message or contact Ron rdilauro@veritashealth. com This is an old thread, for the best responses and support I suggest you make a new thread, you can do this by clicking on 'Create forum post' on the left column. Cheap easy: Potassium magnesium. Magnesium is the overlooked partner to calcium, and functions in relaxing the muscle.

I had an easy-to-cramp foot too for years, and it got worse and worse. Then it got to where I couldn't bend my toes, and then it turned into regular calf cramps where I would wake up in intense pain. Doctors blew it off and said it happens. Fast forward to now where I've learned some of the basics of vitamins minerals, and my legs feet work normally again with no cramps.

There is plenty of information about this sort of thing out there, and maybe it's not foot-specific, but a muscle cramp is a muscle cramp. Potassium can help tremendously, and should be the first line of action. But don't neglect magnesium intake. Our diets just don't give us enough of some things, because factory farming methods have stripped the soil of much of the minerals.

Fortunately, both Potassium and Magnesium supplements are cheap, and both are also pretty easy to get in foods if you seek it out. But avoid the Magnesium Oxide supplements. They are poorly absorbed. And no, I don't sell supplements or books or anything like that. I just sought out a solution to the same problem that got worse, and it turned out to be cheap and effective. I learned a lot from Bill Sardi's book The New Truth about Vitamins and Minerals and the book The Magnesium Factor, although the latter says to use Magnesium Oxide though later research showed the Oxide form is poorly absorbed.

There's also a very informative book by Betty Kamen specific to Potassium, called Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Potassium but Were too Tired to Ask. posted by at on January 19, 2007 [